Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holiday with A Lover

My bf came to visit me about two weeks ago and we took a bit of a holiday together. We went to London, Berlin, and the Lake district. I saw some new things, ate great food, and drank a lot of wine. Hey, that's what holidays are for. It was nice to have company, especially from my love. Here are some sights..
 Afternoon walk in Westminster
Tower of London and Tower Bridge
Berlin. Best German eats NOM
Lake District

Time went way to fast, but it was worth it. Going somewhere once is never enough. I could spend my whole life traveling. Here's to more adventures to come.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paris weekend

Aww the city of love and lights. I had made the last minute choice to go and I will never regret it! This was a month or so back, sorry for the delay. But I am here now to share my trip and all the gorgeousness I saw!

 Nortre Dame 

 Eiffel Tower
 Night view. I went to the very top!
The Louvre,Mona Lisa, Orsay, and yummy dessert
Me at all the lovely places in Paris!

It was very easy to fall madly in love with Paris. I hope to get to go back again. The Notre Dame area was one of my favorite areas, you walk around the river check out little chops, snack on tasty pastries. I got to add some unforgettable memories to my life, drinking champagne on top the Eiffel tower, seeing famous pieces of art, experiencing the flow and culture of another country. It was an amazing trip in an amazing city. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Edinburgh Day Trip

I went on a day trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. It ended up being a gorgeous day! Blue skies with the sun out! I spent a large chunk of time walking Princess ave, the main shopping street. I also just roamed around and took in all the beauty of the city. It really is one of the prettiest places I have been. There are hills, the ocean, huge black rocks, amazing castles. I went to The Elephant House, which is where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter! The graveyard behind it has Tom Riddles grave. Well a real Tom Riddle that inspired the characters name. It was a pretty charming place.I stopped into the art museum there, it was stunning. I recommend it. Anyway, here are a few pictures!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

London Trip

I have finally gotten all my pictures of London together to share! I only got to see so much in two days, so I am going back to see so much more! The subway was having strikes so travel was a bit stressful and chaotic. Not to mention I tend to get motion sickness from too many buses and trains. I still got to see so many amazing things! It is a beautiful city!

 Big Ben
London Eye
Downtown Abbey/Parliament Square
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace Statues
Natural History Museum 
 Warrs Harley-Davidson Shop, British Library, Hostel, Camden Market, Camden Worlds End

I was so in love with Big Ben, I took so many pictures! The Natural History Museum was THE coolest museum I have ever been to! It was huge with really amazing displays. They had animatronic dinosaurs!!! They also had a really great birth and sex exhibit. The building itself was gorgeous too. I sadly did not get to ride the London Eye but it is on the list for when I go back. The second day I was there is was freezing and down pooring so I didn't get to explore much. Next time I go I am staying for many more than 2 days. The city has so much to offer!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentin's Day Gift Guide

Well that special February day is fast approaching. I have yet again put together a little gift guide of some simple can't go wrong gifts!

1. Heat Necklace and Heart Bracelet: The necklace is from urban outfitters and the bracelet from forever21, they make a great matching set. And nothing says Valentines gift like hearts and jewelry!

2. Revlon Lip Balm: Some sexy V-day colors for the lips is an easy go to and who doesn't want lusty kissable lips?!

3. A Lush Soap Bar: A Lush product is always a great gift. This is a vanilla heart shaped soap bar. I can only imagine how good it smells and how soft it makes your skin.

4. Scarfs from forever21: Scarfs are fashionable all year round, and with spring coming up this is a great day to get something more feminine and colorful for your lady. It will never go out of style and always remind her of you.

5. Macaroons: I still have not had a fancy macaroon!! Valentines Day is the perfect holiday for these cute desserts! You can often get a variety of flavors and colors. Kind of like flowers, but they you can eat them. However, they probably won't last as long.

6. Polaroid Love Notes: I found this cute little number on Urbanoutfitters. It has a bunch of cute instagram-esq photos for you to write little love notes on.

7. A love globe: I am in love with this love snowglobe! You can put a picture in it and it rains red hearts! Something simple you can make personal.

8. Cath Kidston bag: These bags are so adorable and come in many patters and sizes. A great gift for a girl on the go, or a girl who just needs that extra purse room.

9. Pajamas: Silky pajamas are a must have. Trust me, no one will complain about getting a nice cute set of pjs.

10. to-go-jar: Mason Jars are still a hit and using them as a to go cup is brilliant and chic. Since they are glass your go green girl can reuse it and not worry about the chemicals from a plastic travel mug.

11/12. A record and a DVD set: Both these gifts are good together gifts. Get some take out, get comfortable, and just enjoy each other with a good tv series or backup music. Keep the night chill and casual while being together.

13. Lingerie: For your more sexy kind of gift go for a nice bra and pantie set. No girl can really have too many bras and panties. 

14. Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream: A repeat from last years gift idea, because do I really need to say anything..

15. Nail polish: Festive pinks and reds are such a simple gift. Again spring is coming up so some pastel colors are going to be needed. Adding pops of pinks is flirty and feminine. And with nail polish you won't ever pick the wrong size.

So this is my 2014 V-Day gift guide! I hope everyone spreads the love this Friday! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Manchester Afternoon

I finally have full access to all my money!! I decided that meant I deserved a trip back to Manchester. I went all on my own and got all my train and bus tickets on my own! I am just a little local! I wanted to hit up Primark and get some good deals on clothing. It was nice to just walk around a big English city and know where I was. I went back to a few places I had been to my first day in the UK. Here are some sights..


 Manchester Cathedral

 Hard Rock Cafe

National Football Museum

I did some shopping, mostly at the Primark! I walked through a big shopping center too. It was really nice to walk around and know where things were. I maneuvered the city pretty smoothly and recognized stuff from my first visit. It is a great feeling knowing you have learned a new city. 

So here are some things I bought! I can't wait to find more shopping places around England. I had to get an I heart Manchester shirt, I couldn't resist the touristy item. I find it funny and ironic, and it was only 3 pounds so Holla!

My next trip may have to be London! I have two days off next week! Go for adventure and do all you can!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day in Preston

I took a little day trip to Preston. It was a very cute town with lots of shopping options. I went to go to the Primark, but it wasn't that impressive. I hope to get to Manchester soon to go back to their Primark! Anyway, I also stopped in a book store and found this lovely display..

I was in need of a pleasant surprise lately. Not to mention I will be alone this year for Valentines Day, since my lover is back in the States. What makes a better second option of a date than a book? I made my pick and was thrilled. It was wrapped so cute and sweetly I just could not resist. I got the book You Against Me by Jenny Downham. It sounds really good from the description! I am also glad to not have to read off a screen at times.

Oh and I saw a rainbow on the bus ride home! Cheery little things keep me going!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Money Money Money ain't it Funny

Well since the whole Target hackers in the States happened my bank is sending everyone new debit cards. So my bank and family worked together and got the card sent to me. Since my loan money just came in today I wasn't worried before. However, it has taken almost 2 weeks to get here and that should not be the case. So now I am working on trying to get another one. I had money transferred to me through Western Union. Which was very helpful, just wish the exchange rate was better and I had access to my cash. So I am still basically money-less. On a side note I am going to Preston tomorrow to go to a Primark. Primark is a huge store with great prices! Best place to go when I have no money...probably not. But at least I will still get out and do something. And I can always go back. Morally of the story, stay positive things will fall into place at some point!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Orange is the new Black Review

Since I have had more free time than expected, I decided to jump on the prison train. I powered through this show and loved every minute of it! One of my favorite parts, as a gender and womens studies major, was the sisterhood/womanhood the show provided. There is still a division of race and sexuality, inmate vs guard, and woman vs woman conflict, but when it comes down to it the women truly look out for each other. Sadly I kept comparing it to this recent season of American Horror Story. A coven of witches screamed some awesome feminist lady power bitches, but instead its petty "woman" issues pinning them all against each other and killing each other..sort of. Any way, back to Orange is the new Black!

The cast is full of amazing women, each with their own personal story on why they got sent to prison. The show obviously has a focus on the main character, Piper Chapmin, but almost all the women get their own side stories that show how they became who they are. Through season one you watch Piper learn the rules of prison and how to find her spot among the" criminals." I put that in quotation because yes they committed crimes but you learn so much about each woman.  The show makes you question what you find wrong and right. At first you clearly relate to Piper and think she is not like any other woman in the prison, she just doesn't belong there. As time goes on you love everyone and wish non of them were there! You also really question our prison system! So many times I found myself appalled at many scenarios the show portrayed. Do criminals really deserve that? Are criminals less than people? Should they be treated that way? The power dynamic is played out beautifully in the show! As I said before, the gws student in me loved analyzing this show!

The first season is all on Netflix and season two is rumored to be coming out this spring. I highly recommend this show! It is hilarious and drama filled. It deserves all the talk and high reviews it has received. I will eagerly be waiting for season two!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cooking Adventures

Since being abroad I have had to take up a lot more home cooking. I never thought I was a bad cook, I just didn't do it often. I didn't think I had cooking creativity. At first, being here I realized there is so much you need to cook things. The basics will only do for so long. But then tonight I took the basics to another level!! I made my own little pasta dish with some ingredients I discovered are good for many purposes.

-Cherry Tomatoes
-Tomato sauce

That's all it took! A handful of ingredients I already had on hand. I cooked the steak, spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes on the stove in some oil. Placed all that on the pasta with a bit of sauce and a dash of cheese on top! Waa-Laa a main course meal for one! The ingredients are good for you and its not a frozen pizza! I may be a little too pleased for creating a pasta dish, but this was my best quick pull together of fresh ingredients. Normally all my veggies go bad before I use them up. I can only eat sandwiches so many times too. Pasta noodles never go bad but they can be dull. I spiced up my cooking and it tastes delicious!! As pleased as I am, I am still taking recipe! Well eat on!