Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Meowlloween!!!

Weekend Wrap up!

It was Halloween weekend this past weekend! One of my favorite weekends of the year! This Friday the family all got together to carve pumpkins. 

 On Saturday it was the second year Mark and I had a Halloween party. We get the house all decorated and have our friends over for drinks and fun. The night went so fast I was bummed when it was over. I also didn't get to take many pictures this year because I was distracted talking to people. Hopefully others have some good ones I can steal! This year I was Wonder Woman and Mark was Where's Waldo!

I kept my make-up pretty simple for my costume. I used Elf cover up powder, pure lux and manic panic eye shadows, glitter, Kendra hairspray, and cover girl lip stick.
Wonder Woman Make-up

  On Sunday it was my little cousins first communion, I am one of his godmothers. Then after the family, mark, and I all went to get breakfast at Busters! Yum! The rest of my Sunday was pure bliss. Mark and I did a quick clean up of the house and then laid in bed and watched Vikes football. We also made apple crisp, grilled cheese, and tomato soup! The delicious flavors of fall all in one meal. Finally we watched the new episode of the Walking Dead and The Thing!

The Apple Crisp is so tasty and easy to make. You just buy the box mix and then you just need butter and the apples. We used Honey Crisp, they are my favorite! It bakes for about 30 mins and then you put some ice cream on it and enjoy! All and all it was such a fun and cozy weekend with loved ones!
Hope everyone else had just as fab Halloween Weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vintage Dream Bedroom

Everyone imagines their dream bedroom. A place that is all your own for you to do as you please. I like to check in on to day dream of all the things I wish I could afford for my own sanctuary. I would love a vintage inspired bedroom, black and white with just a splash of blue and pink. I also want a lot of art and pictures on my walls and shelves. Here are some ideas to create this perfect bedroom look.

Aria's bedroom from Pretty Little Liars!
These rooms look so cozy, like a little place to escape to. I love the birdcage mirrors in the top picture. I watch the show Pretty Little Liars and am always so envious of Aria's bedroom. I like the idea of an attic feel bedroom. I have also always wanted a window seat to sit and read in or just relax. Also i like how cluttered the room is, yet everything has its own place.

I have always wanted a bedroom big enough for a comfy chair to fit in. I am so in love with this print and lovely blue color. I like to use the excuse that if I had a nice place to sit I would find time to read more.
Black and white with a hint of color

I think it would be nice to have one long wall be wallpaper and the other walls painted. My room now is light gray and I like it a lot! I want a sleepy room to have loads of wall space! I love wall art and would hang it all over. I have a slight obbsession with picture frames too. I enjoy having pictures of my loved ones all around. I also have some pinup girl pictures in picture frames in my room. I think it is a cute little idea. Here are some prints I would love to have up on my wall and shelves.

That isn't even including pictures of my friends and family. Art is just something that can really set the mood of a room. I want vintage, daring, yet calming art in my room. I also like little nic-nacs for in my room. For my dream bedroom I would need a large space. Someday I will put all my wishes together and create my perfect space all to myself.

What inspires your bedroom?

This Weeks Outfit

Today I went for a classic vintage lace look with a tough twist. I am wearing a white lace dress from Ragstock, with a very light pink (almost skin colored) lace tights from Target, floral kitten heels from Forever21, and a teal pleather jacket also from Forever21! I didn't add any accesories today because I had to get up early for class.

I absolutely love these shoes! I am taller so I become a giant when I wear heels. I love wearing heels and dressing up though, making kitten heels perfect for me! Also who doesn't love floral print?! The only problem with these shoes is you have to wear tights or socks with them because they can irritate your heels.
This is the lace pattern of my dress. I love lace! It is so pretty and feminine. I have been really into mixing soft with hard looks lately. Mostly because my jacket is perfect for fall weather.
What looks have you been mixing lately?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Horror Movie Quote #3

"It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare." - Sheriff Brackett

This is from the original 1978 Halloween movie! This is by far one of my favorite classic horror films! I am really into the old slasher movies. I just watched this with Mark while we carved our pumpkins. It has also been on AMC fear fest a lot too! 

Wish List Wednesday

I haven't been doing much shopping lately. Mostly because I don't have much extra cash to spend. Since I have no money I try to keep away from temptation and don't even window shop! But of course, I always have my eyes on something!
I love Victoria Secret yoga pants! I have a pair of the pants and shorts. I have been wanting to get a pair of carpi pants. Ideally I would like a leopard print pair but those are proving to be hard to find.
I found this print on I love this print and want it blown up in a frame. It so so cute!
Finally this week I want a Monster Mash!!!! I still can't get enough Halloween fun! I am having a Halloween party this Saturday! Can;t wait, it should be loads of Monster Mashin' fun!

What have you had your eye on getting lately?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving with Mark!

Yes I know there has been a whole lot about pumpkins on my blog lately!! But I did say they were part of my top 5 favorite things about Fall!! After my spooky Friday I had another spooky Saturday! Mark and I got lunch together, watched Halloween, carved pumpkins, and went to the haunted house in town! OOoooOOooo Spooooky!!

I picked out my pumpkin from Hy Vee haha. We were supposed to carve pumpkins last Sunday but got to caught up in the new Walking Dead!! We sat on the bedroom floor and gutted each others pumpkin for the other. Mark did a face and I tried (key word tried!) to do a bat on a tree branch. It didn't turn out so great. Also I couldn't get the sharpie marker lines off. Oh well it was still lots of fun!

Hope everyone is carving fab pumpkins! I will be carving another one with my family later this week!

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Spooky Friday

My night started off with me doing some homework at the Coffee Hag. I had a yummy Bee's Knees drink (honey, butter cream flavor, and steamed milk)!
Then my aunt, Channa, called so we could get together and have Halloween fun. We went to the party store, Michaels crafts, and Peir One. I found so many cute things at Peir One!

A cute strawberry dish! It was on sale for $10!!! But I have no money until pay day tomorrow. These cute serving dishes with tiny spoons and stacked matching tea cups with tiny plates, GLITTER Halloween decorations (cats, bats, and pumpkins!), and these adorable pumpkin salt and pepper shakers! I can't wait to have my own little cozy home to decorate. Also I think I want to start collecting salt and pepper shakers, they are just so cute!
I got some Halloween crafts to do while my aunt worked on her costume (a witch doctor). I painted a tiny coffin and my frakin-buddy! I also bought a pretty white ceramic skull! We watched a Mystery Science Theater and Dawn of the Dead. We snacked on popcorn and beer cheese soup. All and all it was a nice calm evening.