Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekly Outfit

I know it has been a while since I have posted an outfit, so here is a double outfit post! I have been having fun playing and mixing all my new Christmas clothes.
Cardigan- Forever 21 Jeggins- Target
Necklace-Target Earrings- Forever 21
Shoes- Forever 21
 Putting together my love for leopard print and cutes-y jewelry. It kind of brings together the soft and tough look I so often mix. So that was my first outfit! Here is number two!

I love this outfit! It has a sexy vintage flow to it. I add a little toughness to it with my leopard shoes, since like I said before I like mixing tough and soft. My dress if from my work, Ragstock. The cardigan is from H&M. I kept my accessories simple since the dress was my main focus. Even though the shoes stand out they still just complement the dress instead of take away from it. My hat is vintage and is one of my new favorite pieces!

What new items have you been rocking?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Review

Well it was that time of year again! Christmas came and went and now I miss it so much! I had an amazing time with my family, filling my gut with tons of food, and opening all my gifts. Speaking of gifts, I thought I would show you some of the things I got.
*A Marilyn Monroe Calendar, Harry Potter Scene it (with all the movies!!), A ghost face bobble head! Love!
*My two new Monster High Dolls! Drankulaura and Frankie Stien! Those are my girls EKKKK!
*The Walking Dead book 5, My own little China picture book (all picture from my trip to China), A cat Diary for Cow Kitty! This is the cutest silliest gift ever! Definitely recommended for Cat lovers!
*It was a very Leopard print Christmas! I got a new leopard purse, cardigan, dress, and shoes. I am in kitty heaven!
*Pretty Little Liars on DVD, new Amy Winehouse CD *Some wall decorations made my my dad's friend and her daughter. So cute!
Some other gifts not pictured
*Purelux eye shadow*nail polish*earrings*Hello Kitty cardigan* lotions and body spray*pin up body suite*vintage hat*slipper socks*cozy blankets*humidifier*lace dress*cat grass for cow kitty*Victoria Secret gift card*Snacks*Money*socks*and a few more things here and there

Mark and his perfect pushup
There was another big gift we all got, but I can't say what it is yet! Stay tuned!
How was your holiday? What were your favorite gifts? Happy New Years!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just a little Holiday check in

Hello! I know I have been very on and off with my blog posts. I am sure everyone can understand between work and getting ready for the holidays time runs a little tight. So here is just a quick check in,
I have been keeping very warm in all my cozy sweaters! I got two used ones from work for only $12! I bought a new ugly sweater (mine is more cute than ugly!) from work and have 2 wonderful ones from last year still. I just can't get enough sweater time this year!
My little rudolph friend was given to me by my bestie Amy! We exchanged gifts early. She also got me a fabulous purse I'll post pictures of it later! Me and Rudolph took a note from our friend MaDonna and made some clove oranges! Cow Kitty might get on the naughty list for playing around the tree.
Finished project! They smelled so yummy while I was making them. So far Cow has avoided the tree more..hopefully these worked and she isn't just bored with it. I have finally finished all my shopping including my white elephant game gift. Now I just have to keep going to work and wait for all my Christmas fun to begin! I will be going to my Dad's after work on Christmas eve and then my mom's side on Christmas day! So excited!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

Since Christmas is so close and I have already wished for everything I want for the holiday this weeks wish list is going to be about shows I wish were on T.V. all day and everyday! These are the few shows I could never get sick of watching.
 The first show I could watch nonstop is Skins (the British version!). Mark and I just started season 5 and even though I wasn't as into the second generation cast I still can't stop! As much as it sucks that each generation only gets two seasons I really like that it keeps the show fresh. The characters can never fall out of character because the show goes on and on. I love this teen mellow drama sooooo much!

I LOVE FRIENDS!!!!! I have been watching in on DVD every night before bed for like 2 months! I watch the same episodes over and over and it never gets old. I wish there were a million more episodes. I do like the earlier seasons more but I will take what I can get.
After the very first episode I completely fell head over heels for Dexter! Season 1 and 4 are beyond amazing! I still get as anxious and worried as I did the first time I watched, even though I know what happens. I don't have showtime so I only get to watch when the show comes out on DVD. So if I had my wish it would play on T.V. all day long just for me to tune into on my free time.
Yes I know Chelsea Lately is on T.V. every night multiple times, but I just wish they would play all the old episodes on her own little T.V. channel. Watching the round table crew make jokes always cheers me up, even if I wasn't in a bad mood.

Some people may think these two shows are just awful and everyone in them are dumb and nasty. Well get over it people!!! They make great crazy dramatic television and I eat it up! Sometimes I get really into it and want to fuel the drama flame! As much as I like getting to meet new girls on bad girls club and watching all the fights unfold, I would still like to re watch old seasons. I guess I am a big fan of reruns.

What shows do you wish you could always watch?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift Wrapping Tips

Wrapping presents is one of my favorite parts of the holidays! It is so fun to go through all the new prints of papers and boxes each year. I used to pick out cute little bows, but now Cow Kitty has decided to make those her toys and they never stay on the gifts long. I do have one big problem with present wrapping though..Mark is a gift guesser! No matter what I get him (even if it wasn't on his list) he can guess what it is just by looking at it. So I have a few tips to disguise your presents from your own gift guesser.
*Boxes, boxes, and more boxes! That is the best way to disguise most of your presents. You can always put something small into a bigger box. It works well to hide a cd or dvd in, since those two things have a very defined shape and size. You can use tissue paper to stuff the box and keep the items from rolling around.
*It can be hard to hide a big gift. You don't want to have to wrap an already big gift in a bigger box, so just wrap it with another gift. Use some of your more odd shaped gifts to make your big gift look even more odd shaped. This way you are disguising two in one.
*For gifts that make a lot of noise when your guesser shakes it you can be a little bad and open the gift and stuff in. If you put a bunch of tissue paper in a gift it wont roll around or make a give away peep. You can also do the opposite effect! Put some rocks or marbles in a box with your gift.
*Weight is often another give away to what a gift might be. You can't really make a heavy gift lighter, but you can make a light gift weigh more. Add a few small weights onto your gift then wrap it. Or wrap a light gift with a heavy one.
So there are a few tips to help you all out! Let me know if these work for you guys!

Can you guess what any of these presents are?! I just finished all of my actual Christmas shopping today! I still need to get my gift for the gift exchange game, but at least I already know what I want for it. Hope everyone else is having great luck getting all the presents for all their loved ones!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

This weeks wish list is all about things I want to do this December and this winter! Normally I like to just stay cozy and warm all winter, but that can get a little boring and make me stir crazy! It is always nice to get out and go have fun. Here are a few things I would really love to do.
Snow tubing is so much fun and I haven't gone in years! There has been some talk between Mark and our friends to make a day of it and go tubing! We have Mt. Kato, which is basically some big hills where people can ski, snow bored, and of course tube! It actually hasn't been too snowy this we will either wait till January or just have a blast in the fake snow!
I have been really into fancy Christmas parties lately. It would just make my holiday season to get all dressed up and enjoy the company of friends. I would also enjoy just a good ol' ugly sweater party with friends. It is a great time of year to all get together have some tasty food and just bask in each others company. Oh and see all the cute decorations!
Well if I don't get my wish of a Christmas party at least I have New Years to fall back on! There is always some kind of party and get together going on that night! And it is the perfect excuse to get a little dressed up no matter where you are going. It is just kind of a fabulous night!
As much as I hate driving in the snow, I still think it is pretty and makes winter a little more fun and playful. You can have a friendly snowball fight or build a happy snowman. I also really liked making snow angles when I was little. Snow really brings spirit to this time of year.
The last thing I wish for is a nice romantic date. Now that it is getting chillier out everyone stays in more. It is always nice to go out to a nice seat down restaurant and just talk the two of us. Neither Mark nor I have a fireplace, but it would be nice to play some games or watch a good movie. The Christmas tree is in Marks downstairs so it would add a romantic touch to be downstairs for our little date night together.

What are you wishing for this week?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Music Suggestion

I still can't get enough Christmas music! I hear it at work and in my car. It just brightens up my holiday spirit. I am normally not a big fan of celebrities doing Christmas albums.  However, I have been really enjoying the She and Him Christmas album called A Very She & Him Christmas.
They redo some of the classic holiday songs. They slow down a lot of songs, so it is a great album to listen to while curled up drinking some yummy peppermint drinks and talking to friends. What holiday music have you been enjoying lately?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap up!

This weekend I did a lot of working! I worked both Friday and Saturday and babysat Pilot Friday night. After babysitting Mark and I got some pizza and watched some more Walking Dead. Saturday night I spent some time with my Friend Amy. We listened to some lovely Christmas music, drank a peppermint-y drinks, and decorated her sad little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It was from the CO-OP and we called it a rescued tree. It is a sad dingy skinny tree that no one but the Friedman family would want. Then on Sunday my family got together to make tons of Christmas cookies!

We made so many different kinds I don't even know what is all in our box we took. There were caramel marshmallows, peppermint patties, peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, peanut butter cup cookies, chocolate pretzels, pretzels with rollos, sugar cookies with mints inside, and I think even a few other kinds! We do this every year. We save some to eat for ourselves but also give them to friends for a little holiday treat!

 Then today (yes I know its Monday, no longer the weekend) I finally decorated the real tree I put up at Marks. I also put out our stockings. I want to keep Christmas shopping, but I am low on money until pay day. I love giving gifts. I can't wait to add some presents under the tree.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Tattoo!

My pin up girl tattoo is in the new Freshly Inked Magazine! The tattoo artist is Megan Hoogland. I got this tattoo for my 19th birthday and I love it so much! It is very exciting to see my leg tattoo in a magazine!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

This weeks wish list Wednesday is dedicated to Cow Kitty! Here are a few things on her little kitty Christmas list.
Cow spends a lot of her time sleeping. So why shouldn't she have a lovely bed to sleep in? These suitcase cat beds are so cute and look nice compared to other pet beds. You can also make one of these yourself as a DIY project. Cow Kitty often sleeps on the dogs bed, maybe this holiday she will get her on cozy bed.
One of Cow meow's favorite toys are these little mice. When she is in her wild playful mood she just goes nuts with these. Be careful though, because more than once I was scared she had a real mouse! EK!
All cats love the rare treat of canned food. I don't give it to her much because I don't think it is very good for cats to eat a lot of it. Every Christmas I do get her one can. She always goes nuts and growls if you try and take it away!
Even though she only gets canned food once a year doesn't mean she can't have a little treat every now and then. Like most cats, cow has her naughty moments. I catch her eating food off the counter, climbing the Christmas tree, and chewing on the plants. So when she listens and does good little kitty things she can have a treat.
Cow Kitty loves starring out the window. Since my window is only open for a few months she doesn't get much time to sit in a window. This little window seat would be perfect for her. There is a lot of different designs of these seats, so you could find one that fits the decor of your house. I found a bunch on Pet Co's website.
So there are just a few things Cow Kitty would love to unwrap on Christmas. What things are your pets wishing for?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

Well it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It snowed over the weekend and looks like it will be sticking around. I think snow looks beautiful, but I have awful driving anxiety when its snowy and icey out! So if I don't have to drive I try and stay in. So tha'ts exactly what I did today! I had a lazy day around the house, wrapped some presents, and decorated the tree!

 Like everyone else I have been busy making Christmas list after Christmas list for loved ones. Sometimes it is just too hard to think of ideas for that certain boy or girl. I have created a his/her gift list of some ideas to help everyone out.

1. What guy doesn't want his favorite T.V. show on DVD or his new music obsession CD. DVDs and CDs are always a nice and simple gift for your special man.
2.The perfect Push up is my next suggestion. If he isn't to interested in going to a gym he can just work out at home on his own time.
3. Every dude should have a tie for those special occasions that come up. Ties can be found in a wide range of prices, prints, and colors. You can find the perfect style for him.
4. Help him keep his feet cozy and warm all winter. Slippers are nice for around the house on those lazy winter nights.
5. A wireless game control is a must for the gamer in your life. Even if he already has one, a second means his buds can join in on games when they come over.
6.I found this mini bartender set at It has 7 pieces and its simple look makes it acceptable for any kitchen.
7. Sweaters are something everyone needs during these cold winter months. They can also be worn everyday or on a special occasion.
8. Even though guys aren't in love with shoes the way girls are, they could steal use a nice pair of boots. These are from forever 21. Keep him fashionable and functional through the snow months.
9. You can get your man smelling just the way you want him. These manly body scrubs, after shave, and cologne sets often go on sale for the holidays.
10. A mini grill is a great gift! He can use this to make his own little bbq inside during the winter.
11. A nice small gift is a personal massager. He won't be able to get enough back massages from you.
1. A nook is a fabulous gift! Mark got me one last year and I love it. You can get the book you want without getting off the couch. And the new nooks have so many more options, like Netflix!
2. A pair of pajamas is always a safe bet. Girls love being comfortable and cozy.
3. Picture frames come in so many different looks you can find the perfect one to match your lady's personality. You could even put a nice picture in it for her.
4. A yoga mat might be more of a specific gift. I have wanted one for a while. You could sign her up for a few classes to go with the mat.
5. Pure Lux has the best mineral eye shadows ever! You can get sample sizes for just $1! And the sample sizes last forever! Its a cheap gift that she will love!
6. Shoes! This pair is from forever 21. I have been dying for a pair of bootie wedges. Just know your girls shoe size and get a pair of shoes she has been eying!
7. Coffee and a mug is a cute little gift. Like the picture frame you can find the perfect mug to match her personality.
8. Who doesn't love adding a new Victoria Secret Pink sweatshirt to their collection?! There are so many to choose from online and in the stores.
9. Bath and Body Works has such good car smelly-s. They make a good stocking stuffer or their own little gift.
10. Decorative ear buds are a big gift idea this year. These ones are Monster High earbuds. They are cute and great for travel.

I hope some of my ideas help you out! How are your Christmas lists going?