Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thats What Makes You Beautiful

I have been having a rough few weeks. I am currently dealing with a very hard and confusing breakup from my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. On top of that its finals, my aunts baby shower, a busy month at work, my mom coming to visit, meeting my new baby foster brother, getting my wisdom teeth out, and taking care of my little cousins at their house and the pets at my house while the fam is away. OFFFTTTTAAA!! So when I came upon this post by a cup of subtle tea I thought it was a brilliant idea and would maybe help me cheer up!!
 What makes me feel beautiful...
 - Spending time laughing with my friends
-  putting together a great outfit
-  helping others
- making people laugh
- getting kisses from Cow Kitty
- getting a good grade
- dancing
- watching my favorite t.v. show or movie 
- staying positive and up beat
- embracing the little things
- being myself

It feels good to think positive and really try to make myself feel good about me. Sometimes things don't work or go your way, but some day it will.

What makes you feel beautiful? 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

No more Yellow Polk-A-Dot Bikini

It may feel like spring has just started and summer swim time is in the distant future, but its never to early to start scooping out new swim trends.


There are so many new fun ways to rock the bikini these days. There are cold colors, patterns, cuts, and styles. The high waster bikini is always nice for a tad of a vintage look..or to cover that tummy pooch you didn't have time to work off. I love the striped sailor looking suit. Since bikinis are so revealing its always nice to add a bit of flirty fun to them. All these suits are from Target.

One Piece-

 Who says one pieces can't be sexy? I am more of a bikini kind of girl myself, but these are some smokin' suits! The first one is animal print, which is obviously a trendy print. The trick of that suit is the deep plunge makes it appear like you have a long torso, perfect for all you shorter gals. I am not huge on the middle suit, but side cut outs are another trend and add a little sexy to the one piece. The last one is my favorite! It is so cute and flirty! These are all also from Target.


Vintage style suits are making a come back, and I love it tons! The vintage style makes me want to wear two pieces! Meeoow! I think a tan would go great with the middle suit. The bottom one had a matching top, but i think a plain black top cut like the sailor suit would be adorable with those bottoms. The print and high waste are just to die for. All these suits are from Modcloth

I rarely buy a new suit every year, but this year the suits coming out are just too cute to pass up. What style do you plan to invest in this summer?

What I've been wearing: Classy&Feirce

I feel like I have been doing quit a few fashion posts lately. So why am I doing another? Well to be fully honest I have been a busy girl! The one thing I seem to have a little time for is what I am going to wear for the day. Finals are coming up for me and there are all kinds of things happening. Any are TWO outfits I have worn from my little shopping trip!

Top: H&M
Shorts: Target
Belt: Target
Earrings: Forever 21
Ring: Antique shop
Bracelet: A boutique in Mankato
I felt so chic and classy in this outfit. Almost like I stepped out of the 50's or 60's. My top is 100% organic cotton and was only $9.99 from H&M! It was breezy and comfortable yet so stylish. This outfit also made me feel like it was all about the little things, the accessories complemented the look wonderfully.

Top and Pants: Target
Both these pieces were an impulse buy! I had been eyeballing both of them at target, but wasn't willing to pay full price. The other day I was just checking on new clearance and there they were! This outfit was under $20! Talk about a bargain!I felt like a feisty rock star in this. Both pieces go together fabulously, but they are also great to mix and match into my wardrobe.

What fashion moods have you been in lately?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend&Fashion Wrap Up

I had a very busy weekend, but in a good way! On Friday we had a big party for my grandfathers birthday! We had a band and everything. It was nice to see family and eat yummy food. Then on Saturday my friend Amy and I went to visit our friend Allie at St. Olaf college! The three of us went to MOA to go shopping and then hung out on campus. I will be having quit a few outfit posts coming up with all my new clothes. Then finally on Sunday after getting back to town Amy and I went to the International Festival at MSU!
Crepe from MOA! Yum!

 International fest is so much fun! There were so many booths of food from tons of countries! I drank so much Mango Lasi! The flavors of the world are the most delicious! You could get food for $1-4. There was also performances of dance from around the world and tons of booths with stuff to buy, like jewelery, fairtrade treats, and baby bamboo trees.

As for my fashion this weekend I got spring fever all over again. Here is what I wore Sunday.

 Dress: Forever21
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: Target
Earrings: Forever21/Ebay
I am more than in love with this dress! It will be perfect for summer concerts, festivals, and gatherings. I plan on wearing a jean vest with it once it warms up a little more. I do wear a slip under it (from target). This dress is all lace and not lines, so a slip or something should be worn under it. Or use it as a cover for your swimsuit beach days! The mullet dress is a pretty big trend and I am glad I found one I like. 
What has spring inspired you to wear lately?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I Wore

I thought I would pop in quick outfit I put together. I thought it was a pretty casual look and feel but it turned out looking like it could be casual or even professional with the right shoes and accessories.

Top- Charlotte Ruse
Skirt- Ragstock
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
I am still chiffon crazy and trying all sorts of new looks with my tops. I kind of like how this ended up looking like a black dress with the top over it, even though its just a black skirt and tank top. My blue flats add some color and give it the laid back look. Like I said before a pair of heels would give this outfit a professional look. It is so fun to play around and mix and match my clothes.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Dump

I thought it was time for another photo dump! I have been having a lot of fun with my Iphone. I love taking pictures now, and maybe I take a tad too many. Oh well!

 It has been a lovely few weeks! Can't wait to keep my adventures going!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing Paper Doll V.2

I am at it again, playing my own version of paper dolls. I online shopped and put together a few looks. This paper doll edition is festival themed. With spring here and summer around the corner it is about time festivals will begin.
The rock/music festival is the perfect time to edge up your look. Fringe is a great way to add some texture and fun into a look. Shorts with studs also help add some rockin' details. I also love these sandals! They are dainty yet edgy. However, if you are going to a hard core rock music festival shoes with your toes peeking out isn't always the best idea. For accessories keep it minimal would be best. The fringe is what makes everything pop.
 An art festival is the perfect time to dress bohemian and flowy. A high low skirt is a great piece to show off. The crop top is big this spring, but not everyone is comfortable with showing off their tummy. Any bright color top would look nice with this outfit. These flats are so adorable. Each piece in this outfit is a stand out piece but they also flow well together.
Local festivals are the most fun! Whether it be a carnival type or a fundraiser event, this is the time to dress to impress. Bright colors and patterns are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. This look was semi inspired by the 50's. The sunglasses and top are both vintage-esq. The fun part about bold colors is that you can mix multiple bold colors together. Bright coral pants match nicely with the bright blue purse. Mixing and matching colors, textures, and patterns is a great spring trend.

Now you are ready to tackle your festival inspirations! Go out there and enjoy! All these pieces were found on

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Wrap Up

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday! Mine was "egg"cellent! Hehe sorry I had to! I got two Easter baskets this year. One from my dad, which was a basket for my bike! It had a bell for my bike, money, and of course candy in it. My grandma made me one too filled with candy and a little money.
 We had family come out for a tasty dinner. Since the weather was decent we did an egg hunt and talked while soaking up the sun. My little cousin and I also dyed Easter eggs. It was nice to play games and socialize with my family. We stuffed our faces with potatoes, turkey, green bean casserole, and so much candy.

I am still enjoying left overs and my candy. I wish the family could get together more, but its nice to know we always have holidays to see each other. What was your favorite part of your Easter?