Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Start to Summer Photo Dump

This summer is going to be all about life improvements and doing things about me for me. After taking my health class I have decided if anything will change or improve my life in the long run it needs to start now. Granted I have slip ups and eating quick is sometimes best, I still try my best. And hey, sometimes you just need a bowl of Spaghetti O's! I have been eating salads and fruit and drinking protein drinks. I try and lay out in the sun to get my tan on whenever I can. I love soaking up the sun it puts me in the best mood! I know it isn't always the best, but I do drench myself in sunscreen! My summer fashion is another area of focus for improvement. I want to treat myself. I am realizing that I deserve good things and as long as I can afford it and will use it, its good for me. So here are some photos of how my fresh summer has been going...

1. My new penny loafers
2. Penara salad and caribou mint tea
3. More salad, strawberries, and water
4. Soaking up the sun
5. Some rootbeer by the pool
6. Wearing my new boots..made me feel all summer-y and ready for a hoedown

What are your summer changes you want to make?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colorado Bound

Awww! Finally my long week of watching my younger cousins is over! Also my wisdom teeth, or lack there of, have healed up nicely and I can now eat anything and drink from a straw. Oh the simple things in life. I was so overwhelmed and stressed I did some financing and booked a flight for two weeks out to good ol' Colorado. I deserve a vacation. I will be there over my birthday, making it nice to be able to celebrate with my mom. I thought I would share some of my favorite things to do in Colorado and what I plan on doing for my trip!

I love Boulder, CO! The environment and spirit there is so much fun! Between the street shopping and the parks, there is so much to do there. I have only been to the Tea house once, but it was incredibly beautiful. Their own chi tea was so tasty. It really is a tea lovers dream place. Also in Boulder is pearl street. A great place for even better shopping. There are big name shops and little boutiques all down the road. The restaurants on Pearl street are wide variety. No way no one could find at least one place to eat at. You can spend a whole day there and never get bored.
I clearly love shopping. The flatiron mall has a special place in my heart. My mom and step dad used to live right across the street so walking to it was a breeze. Once they moved it was the first place I was able to drive to on my own. It is a huge mall! There is a massive Forever21 there, so I am in love! The 16th street mall is in Denver. It is kind of like Pearl street but much busier with more mainstream shopping. Still a fun place to explore..oh and there is also a Forever21 there. Also both places have a Vicroria's Secret, and the semi-annual sale starts the 12th!!
I have never been to the Ren Fest so I can't really say anything about it. But hopefully my fam and I will be going on my birthday!
Since my foster brother is foster to adopt I plan on bonding with me all I can. So far it seems to be a pretty good chance of my mom and step dad adopting him. I always love getting to spend some time with my mom. And my friend Devin!! I plan on spending some good time with her! Check her blog out, dare to be remarkable.

If you are ever out in Colorado, plan to visit, or live there here are the sites to some of the places I mentioned! Highly recommended to be checked out!
Tea House
Renaissance Festival
 Boulder Shopping
16th Street Mall
Flatiron Mall

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer 2012 Theme

Each summer I try and give a little theme just for fun. My aunt and I always used to do it when I was little. The funny thing is we always had the same theme. Honky Tonk summer! She had a convertible and we would blast our honky tonk music and shoot squirt guns into the air. The past few summers have kind of been forgotten about. I graduated high school and started working to save for my China trip and the next year I was just caught up in life. Summer 2012 is going to be another Honky Tonk summer! I really want to embrace it and embrace myself and good times! So what does a Honky Tonk summer consist of? Well let me show ya'll!

 Short short shorty shorts! A big part of honky tonk fashion is of course some hot summer shorts. Both these pairs are from etsy and both are high waist shorts. I want to find a good pair at a thrift store and pick out some fabric and make my own pair like these.

You can't be honky tonk without cowboy boots!! These are both my own pair! Both thrifted from Ragstock. At first I thought this American flag trend was a little silly..but I am convinced now. I like it when it has a edgy punk twist to it.

To help get you in the mood here are my tunes I tap my boots too...

 southern culture on the skids- Cheap Motel
Hank Williams III - Dick in Dixie
Johnny Cash- Mean Eyed Cat

Yeeehhhhaaaawww!!! Have a great honky tonk summer!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo Dump V.3

I am right in the middle of my two busy weeks! I thought I would just pop in and show some photos from my lovely instagram. Enjoy!

 1. Amy walking in a field looking like a Sasquatch!!!
2. Lacrosse Love
3. Butterfly! We have so many out at our house this year. It is so beautiful! But scares me to drive
4. My backyard
5. New sunglasses
6. Spooky Mug
7. Coral Nails and Strawberry snack
8. Duck family! If you look close you can see the babies between them
9. Dishes at the Antique store
10. Finished Baby craft gift for my aunt. The deer is missing in the picture. I was pleased by them
11. Baby shower cake pops
12. Baby shower mints
13. Baby shower cupcakes
14. My virgin Margarita for Cinco De Mayo!!! Arrrriiibbbaaa!

Now I am back to my busy week! See ya soon bloggers!