Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I Wore: keepin' it edgy

I feel like summer has been going on forever. I was out of school at the start of May and even though time has been flying by I still have a month and a half of summer time left! Retail seems to be feeling the same way, fall fashions are starting to make their appearances. Chiffon looks to be staying in style for this fall. And on warm fall days bandeaus, crop tops, and bustiers will drag into the fall season as well. So here is my summer into fall transition outfit!
 Top: Ragstock
Bustier: Wet Seal
Shorts: Forever21

Add a hat for a fun summer into fall accessory!
Keeping it nice and cool with the leopard (of course!!) bustier and keeping it breezy yet covered with the chiffon top. I love how crisp white chiffon looks. I am still rockin' my favorite new high rise shorts. The changing of seasons is the perfect time to mix season looks together! Enjoy your between season mixing!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby LoElla has Arrived!

Back in December I made a post about my aunt being pregnant! Well little LoElla finally arrived! I had been so excited and it is so crazy how time flies! She was born on Sunday July 15th! She was 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long. Baby and mommy are home now all in good health. She is adorable and just perfect. I can't wait to watch her grow. I promise to always be there for her, never judge her, and give all my love and positive energy to her.

Summer To Dos.

Now that summer is half over it is time to start getting all ideas together of things left to do this summer! I will share some of my summer to dos and give some more ideas of fun things there is still time for!

My To Dos..
  • Movie Mania- 
Summer is the best for mega block buster movies. I have already seen Brave, Magic Mike and Spiderman. I will be seeing Batman tomorrow! Movies are a great way to keep cool on those hot days and you can go with your family, friends, or that special someone.
  • Outside Fun-
I love the heat of summer and I love being outside without freezing my butt off during those midwest winters. I plan on spending plenty more days out in the pool or at a lake. I also have a beach day set up with my friends. It is one of my summer goals to go paddle boarding this summer. Beach days are also great opportunities to have a picnic. Once Minnesota is out of its second or third heat advisory I plan on going on some bike rides. A trip to our farmer's market is on my summer to do list as well. I feel it is easier to eat healthier in the summer when there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose form.  I am going to soak up all that vitamin d I can and get my tan on!
  • Inside Activities-
There are always those days in summer where it is either too hot, too rainy, or just too lazy to want to go out and do something. For days like this I want to do more cooking and baking. I want that to carry into the fall and winter as well. It doesn't even need to be food, I want to try making new summer drinks. Fresh fruit is a fun and creative way to make drinks have a little extra flavor and a cute summer look. Reading new books is something that is always on my to do list. You can read indoors or out making it a great summer to do. I just started The Perks of being a Wallflower. On a more junkie note, summer is a great time to catch up on your T.V. selection. I just watched all of Breaking Bad season 4 on Netflix and have been tivoing my summer season watch list.

More Summer To Dos..
*Go thrifting*Drink iced coffees and teas*take nature walks/hikes*Start a diary*Plant some flowers*Find a new park*Go for a boat ride*Go on vacation*Take a day all to yourself*Start looking into fall fashions*Get your nails done*Go to a local sports game*Have a tea party*Scope out cute new back to school things*Try a new food*Go to a theme park*Go to a water park*Do something spontaneous*Find a Hot Air balloon ride*Invest in a moped*Take a summer class*Yoga*Run in a Race*Start a pickup (insert sport) game*Whistle*Change the pictures in your frames*Paint and make art* Download a new playlist*Play hopscotch*Use chalk*Volunteer (walk dogs)*Do something new
*Enjoy your summer and be happy!!! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Colorado Fashions

I shared how my trip went and know I thought I would share some of my outfits from it! I also purchased some good numbers while I was out there that will probably make an appearance in the future.
Top: Delia*s
Shorts: Forever21
This is my relaxed summer look. I am really into the cropped flow-y shirt trend. It is so breezy and comfortable, perfect for those hot days out and about or just hanging around.

 Top: Heartbreaker
Bandeau: Hot Topic
Shorts: Forever21
I wore this outfit shopping on Pearl Street in Boulder. It was my take on easy fashion. It is three pretty simple pieces. I am also majorly in love with my high waisted shorts! They can be dressed up or kept casual. I would say this is a more casual look. I was wearing some sandals which also helped keep the look casual.

 Overalls, yes overalls: Forever21
Swimsuit: Victoria's secret
I had once said if there was one thing I never wanted to come back into fashion and I would never purchase it is overalls. Clearly I learned the little lesson of never say never. I couldn't resist the leopard print overall shorts. Sadly, I have not found a good way to wear these besides over my suit for a beach day. Any and all ideas are welcome! I am thinking with a bandeau.

Top: Hot Topic
Shorts: Forever21
My birthday outfit! Summer fashions have been good to me this year. I am all about this outfit! I love that is sexy, vintage, and still easy look to put together. I feel this outfit can also be fancied up or kept cool depending on the accessories and shoes. That's what makes a great day to night look!

Top: Thrift store
Shorts: Forever21
And here is a little sneak peak for my 4th of July look!