Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I haven't made a wish list in a good chunk of time! I guess that is probably because for most the summer I have had a good amount of money since all I did was work. However, as fall and school approaches I find myself more and more broke. I will just be a good little girl and hope my family is feeling generous enough to help me look fall fabulous for back to school!  Here are a few things I have discovered that would make me very happy to be the owner of.

1. These shoes are adorable flats! They are on sale on I love that they have a little heel so they can class up an outfit. Great for casual or fancy wear.
2. This floral teal beauty is also from and also on sale! Nice for adding a hint of color and just flat out nice!
3. Yes, this top is also on sale on UO. Clearly I have been scoping out their sale section. It is a great casual Tee and perfect for voting season in November. Hey, get political, why not?! This top would be cute with skinny jeans and a blazer or sweater with it.
4. Just because it is fall doesn't mean you have to stop showing some leg. Match this fun skirt with a sweater or light cardigan. I am really into this light pink color lately too. I found this at
5. I have been dying for a mustard cardigan for years..please come to me! is where this is from meaning it is pretty decently priced.
6. I have been in the mood for sad debbie downer movies lately. Granted this is also a comedy I know what happens in it (sorry for any spoiler). I love this movie and recently noticed it is not in my collection yet.
7. A yoga mat has made an appearance on my wish list before, but sadly I still don't have one. I want to start whipping my butt into shape to feel better and distract me. I feel like if I get a mat then I will have no excuse to not being doing yoga. Bare with my lame excuse to not be exercising. 

Well there you have it. My first wish list for heading into fall. What are on your wish lists these days?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bottle Cap Craft

This Sunday I had a pleasant evening with my Aunt and cousin. We watched some movies and made a very easy and unique craft. We made bottle caps buttons, magnets, and hair clips. Here is what you will need!

*Bottle caps
*Mod podge
*Melt Art
*An oven
*baking sheet
*Wax paper

 Step 1: Pick out the pictures you want from magazines. They need to be smaller images since they will be cut to fit into the cap. Cut your pictures out and use the mod podge to apply a light layer under the picture and on top. Make sure to glue the edges down good. Also have then oven preheated to 300 degrees.
Step 2: Wait an hour or so to make sure the mod podge clue is dry. Then fill each cap with the melt art powder. Fill the cap slightly more than full and make sure it is as evenly spread across the whole top.
Step 3: Do a few caps at a time for trial and error. Since each oven is different you might want to try your least favorite ones first to get a grip on time and temp. We cooked ours for about 5-7 minutes. Checking every so often. You will know they are done when there is no more powder, just a clear coding. Sometimes some bubble and others just don't turn out. I think it has a lot to do with making sure the mod podge clue is fully dry.

 Step 4: Once the bottle caps cool from the over clue magnets, pins, or hair clips to the back. And Wa-La! Personalized accessories!

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Wore: All American

Top: Hot Topic
Shorts: Forever21
Mocs: Target

The 4th has passed and the Olympics have been closed but my heart still has fireworks of Americana! The shorts are an odd cut, but I really like it! I think they have a boyfriend like fit. They rise higher than most jeans but are not high rise shorts. It is delightful on my figure. Lace seems to be fading away into the back of the fashion closet, but I still enjoy adding some texture every now and then. Mocs would appear to be keeping their spot in top fall favorites. And I hadn't gotten onto this trend train until I fell head over heels for these mustard $20 (Yes only $20!!!) Mocs. They add a hint of color without taking away too much from an outfit. I would consider this outfit as one of my moving into fall looks. As much as I don't want summer to end I am very ready for a season change. With a season change comes life change. Hope you are all enjoying this past few weeks and are finding fun fall pieces!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mason Jar Creativity

I know I have been a little MIA for a while! But as summer starts to wind down I am trying to wind down too. I feel like I was hustled and bustled right through my summer. Even though time has been flying by I had time to notice mason jars were really making a cute little come back. I don't think mason jars really went anywhere I just think vintage country chic is making a comeback. Again I personally never thought vintage chic left, but that's just me. So I thought I would share some creative ways to use mason jars. The best part about them is they are so cheap and can be found at almost any thrift or antique store.
 My first favorite way to creatively use a mason jar is as simple as using it as a cup! I have noticed this is a big trend this summer. This is a cute idea for showers, family gatherings, barbeques, a picnic, or at a little coffee shop. Etsy has tons of adorable mason jar covers and other ways to snazz up your mason jar. It is such a simple idea, but I still find it to be incredibly genius and adorable!  

Lighting is a fun way to add a little romance and ambiance to a room or outside patio. This is a creative way to make lighting unique. The easiest way would be to add a candle in your mason jar and use it as a center piece or hang a line of them up. Making them into actual light fixtures might take a handy man (I know I would need one!) I just love the charm the jars bring to a space.

 This is a DIY craft project! I think it is so neat! You could do any sort of design you wanted. I believe all it is is a sticker on the inside and then paint rolled around. Again a pretty simple and easy way to do something new and interesting with a plain class jar. It is a great way to bring one of a kind art into your home.


 I always end up keeping my movie stubs and theater and concert tickets. Normally they just build up in my wallet, purse, or pants pocket until I can't take it and toss them away. And think of all the clothes you buy that come with a spare button and you just throw it out with the tag. Well Wa-La!! A mason jar is the perfect storage container. It isn't a big clunky plastic bin or an untidy drawer. The vintage look of the mason jar makes it a charming display of life's little things.     

 Lets be real..mason jars are great for EVERYTHING!! The options are truly almost endless with these little treasures! I plan to invest in some soon and get my creativity flowing. P.S. they make great containers for craft supplies! Store you yarn, markers, glue, nails, brushes, ect and then use them to make a whole new mason jar craft!