Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dammit Doll, necessity

Today was one of those days where I just could not contain my stress freak out. Actually this semester has been causing many of those days. Sometimes making notes or a schedule helps or even taking some time to myself. Other times the rage and frustration boils and can't be stopped. Those are the days I could really use a dammit doll! A dammit doll is a little stuffed doll, almost voodoo looking, that you take and slam on stuff to get out your emotions. It is like the more fun and cuter stress ball. I think they are brilliant! You. Can find them at

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My new obsession: Galaxy Leggings

When galaxy leggings first started making their way out in public I really didn't know how I felt. Well that's not true, I thought they were fairly in unattractive. However, they have now grown into my fashion heart! Maybe they weren't being worn properly when they first popped on the scene. I, myself, still have no real idea how to rock them. Perhaps with a long sweater or t-shirt, under a simple dress, or like my plain leggings which I wear as if they were normal pants. As I expand my fashion sense and develop into my own version of a fashionista I need to learn to work with statement pieces. Maybe a pair of galaxy pants leggings will help me with this. As much as I would like to invest in a pair, I am not willing to pay as much as they cost right now for a pair of leggings. But seriously...see how cool these are?!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Add a little spring to your home

Spring is right around the corner, and for some lucky ones it is already in bloom. Spring is a great time to rearrange the house and bring a new fresh feel to your space. I did some window shopping on urban outfitters (just my daily boredom routine) and found some stand out spring pieces.

-I am a sucker for almost anything teal or baby blue. So when I saw this adorable blue side table I fell in love. Baby blue is a nice bright color to add some pop to a space. It also has a nice vintage look.
-Rugs are an easy and sometimes cheap way to bring a new vibe inside. Like I said, sucker for light blues, but the floral rug has tons of bright spring colors.
-A space box shelf is perfect for all your little nic-nacs. These shelves are making a big decorative come back. To make them personal to your home paint the shelves or add a little wall paper around the sides.
-Hardware is another easy way to add a touch of unique and personal decor. Door knobs and curtain holders are simple to install too. I like the brass floral look of this curtain holder.
-Picture frames are my favorite decor item! Sometimes I have more frames than pictures to put in them. Again, I am clearly really into this baby blue accent color. Having the frames chained together is nice for those of us who don't have the eye for multiple frame art eye.
-Cat art, everyone needs some nice cat art.
-Little bottles or vases are also become a big decor trend. This seat is nice because it has multiple colors and sizes. It could be used for flowers, storing pens, or just a simple decoration. No matter what I think they are very cute.
- I am not real sure how the dear head has anything to do with spring, but I want it! It at least would make a fabulous conversation piece.

Happy international women's day!

March 8th is international women's day!! Not sure how to celebrate, but I know I'm feeling proud! Enjoy everyone, and get inspired!