Monday, April 15, 2013

What I have been wearing: Spring Time

Here in good ol' MN spring seems to be indecisive on coming out. We have had a handful of acceptable spring days but the rest are looking like Winter is staying past its welcome. However, on those few nicer spring days I managed to put together some good starter spring outfits. Here are a few!

 Tank Top- Ragstock
Cardigan- Target
Leggings- Forever21
Shoes- Target
Most my winter attire has been leggings as pants. As spring slightly lingers I carry my leggings through. Capri Leggings are so great! They show some leg, keep you cool, go with everything, and can be very casual and comfortable. This Tank top is fun! I mean it has a cat on it so it is already awesome. 
 Cardigan- Target
T-shirt- Hot Topic
Skirt- Ragstock
At first when I put this outfit on I thought it was a little silly, but it grew on me. I had forgotten how a simple black skirt can go with everything. It was the Walking Dead Sunday, so I had to pay tribute. I haven't been able to find much to wear these shoes with (or had nice enough weather to save them from snow and mud). I just find this outfit surprisingly pleasant.
Shoes- Forever21
Dress- Ragstock
Cardigan- Charollet Ruse
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
When I bought this dress I was so excited for spring!! Sadly, I have not been able to wear it much let alone without a cardigan and tights. This blue is a great pop color and will be big for upcoming seasons. I have also deemed the loafer and oxford THE shoes for spring time! This, normally for men, shoe has taken on some feminine charming styles.  
 Cardigan- H&M
Top- Store in Boulder, CO
Leggings- Heartbreaker
Shoes- TJ Max
I have finally steeped away from the plain black legging! However, I did not step far away from my obsession with color mint! I want to get more longer fashion tops for spring and summer. I cannot get enough of the lace cut out down the sides of this top. It adds just enough sexy and sassy. Again I am wearing a lovely pair of nude loafers. *TING* 

Now that I started to sneak some spring into my wardrobe I am praying Mother Nature will follow suit. Come on sunshine and warm days!!