Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer must haves

Summer is finally amount us! I have been trying to enjoy all my free time and do all the summer musts! By doing this I have noticed a select few things I must have for this time of year! Here is my list of 6 must haves for summer..

1: Water is a must! Staying hydrated is so important while spending time in the sun. It is good for you on many levels too, like helping with digestion and keeping your skin hydrated and glowing. I use a babble. They are perfect because they are reusable and have a filter. I like plastic water bottles more than metal. They are also cheap and sell new filters for cheap too.

2: sun hats are all the rage this time of year. They are fashionable and come in all kinds of styles, fits, patters, and colors. I have never been a hat person, but I am going to try on sunny days. Hats also help protect your scalp from sun damage and your face too. 

3: Yoga is my new favorite activity. You can do it outside, in a porch, or in your Livingroom. So even on rainy summer days you can still get your tree pose on. I also like yoga because it helps center me and connect with my nature surroundings. Not to mention it is great exercise. 

4: sunglasses are an absolute must!! There are so many pairs to choose from! Beach day pairs, road trip pairs, family BBQ pairs, it's endless. You should look for pairs that have a uv protected sticker on them. That will help protect your eyes from those harmful sun rays. 

5: Summer is the main time I have to read any book I choose. Finally I can read for pleasure and not chapters of a text book. Reading can be done at all my favorite summer spots, a coffee shop, outside, in a big comfy chair looking out the window. I have a list of books I look forward to reading this summer.

6: Last but not least is sun screen! You cannot go through summer without sunscreen! Protecting your skin is a huge issue that many people look over, myself included. I now carry some in my purse for days I catch myself sitting outside. Having tattoos has helped me keep up on The sun screen, but I still have areas I sometimes look over. It is worth the investment to purchase face lotion and chap stick have have sun screen in them too.

So there are my 6 summer must haves!! What items can you not make it through summer without? Health is a big part of my list. Taking care of your body and mind will make summer that much more enjoyable!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mind and Body Photo Dump

Since the academic school year has finally ended, I have been putting my focus on new goals. I want to take this summer to embrace the weather and things around me. I also want to focus on myself and my body. I am starting to do a variety of different workouts. I try to run, do yoga, hike, or ride my bike everyday to every other day. I forget what a great peace of mind exercising brings. So far I have enjoyed the view of my country home and some pretty spots around town! Enjoy the images of my peaceful few days.

 I will only accept cloudy days if the clouds are this stunning!
Hike in the backyard
Spoooookkyy Jurassic Park woods
 Bricks and Greens
 Biking over a bridge.
 Porch Yoga..can't wait till its nice enough to yoga outside
 I love my Bike! No gears though..
My favorite statue this year

Hope you are all finding your own peaceful summer center!!