Thursday, January 30, 2014

Manchester Afternoon

I finally have full access to all my money!! I decided that meant I deserved a trip back to Manchester. I went all on my own and got all my train and bus tickets on my own! I am just a little local! I wanted to hit up Primark and get some good deals on clothing. It was nice to just walk around a big English city and know where I was. I went back to a few places I had been to my first day in the UK. Here are some sights..


 Manchester Cathedral

 Hard Rock Cafe

National Football Museum

I did some shopping, mostly at the Primark! I walked through a big shopping center too. It was really nice to walk around and know where things were. I maneuvered the city pretty smoothly and recognized stuff from my first visit. It is a great feeling knowing you have learned a new city. 

So here are some things I bought! I can't wait to find more shopping places around England. I had to get an I heart Manchester shirt, I couldn't resist the touristy item. I find it funny and ironic, and it was only 3 pounds so Holla!

My next trip may have to be London! I have two days off next week! Go for adventure and do all you can!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day in Preston

I took a little day trip to Preston. It was a very cute town with lots of shopping options. I went to go to the Primark, but it wasn't that impressive. I hope to get to Manchester soon to go back to their Primark! Anyway, I also stopped in a book store and found this lovely display..

I was in need of a pleasant surprise lately. Not to mention I will be alone this year for Valentines Day, since my lover is back in the States. What makes a better second option of a date than a book? I made my pick and was thrilled. It was wrapped so cute and sweetly I just could not resist. I got the book You Against Me by Jenny Downham. It sounds really good from the description! I am also glad to not have to read off a screen at times.

Oh and I saw a rainbow on the bus ride home! Cheery little things keep me going!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Money Money Money ain't it Funny

Well since the whole Target hackers in the States happened my bank is sending everyone new debit cards. So my bank and family worked together and got the card sent to me. Since my loan money just came in today I wasn't worried before. However, it has taken almost 2 weeks to get here and that should not be the case. So now I am working on trying to get another one. I had money transferred to me through Western Union. Which was very helpful, just wish the exchange rate was better and I had access to my cash. So I am still basically money-less. On a side note I am going to Preston tomorrow to go to a Primark. Primark is a huge store with great prices! Best place to go when I have no money...probably not. But at least I will still get out and do something. And I can always go back. Morally of the story, stay positive things will fall into place at some point!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Orange is the new Black Review

Since I have had more free time than expected, I decided to jump on the prison train. I powered through this show and loved every minute of it! One of my favorite parts, as a gender and womens studies major, was the sisterhood/womanhood the show provided. There is still a division of race and sexuality, inmate vs guard, and woman vs woman conflict, but when it comes down to it the women truly look out for each other. Sadly I kept comparing it to this recent season of American Horror Story. A coven of witches screamed some awesome feminist lady power bitches, but instead its petty "woman" issues pinning them all against each other and killing each other..sort of. Any way, back to Orange is the new Black!

The cast is full of amazing women, each with their own personal story on why they got sent to prison. The show obviously has a focus on the main character, Piper Chapmin, but almost all the women get their own side stories that show how they became who they are. Through season one you watch Piper learn the rules of prison and how to find her spot among the" criminals." I put that in quotation because yes they committed crimes but you learn so much about each woman.  The show makes you question what you find wrong and right. At first you clearly relate to Piper and think she is not like any other woman in the prison, she just doesn't belong there. As time goes on you love everyone and wish non of them were there! You also really question our prison system! So many times I found myself appalled at many scenarios the show portrayed. Do criminals really deserve that? Are criminals less than people? Should they be treated that way? The power dynamic is played out beautifully in the show! As I said before, the gws student in me loved analyzing this show!

The first season is all on Netflix and season two is rumored to be coming out this spring. I highly recommend this show! It is hilarious and drama filled. It deserves all the talk and high reviews it has received. I will eagerly be waiting for season two!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cooking Adventures

Since being abroad I have had to take up a lot more home cooking. I never thought I was a bad cook, I just didn't do it often. I didn't think I had cooking creativity. At first, being here I realized there is so much you need to cook things. The basics will only do for so long. But then tonight I took the basics to another level!! I made my own little pasta dish with some ingredients I discovered are good for many purposes.

-Cherry Tomatoes
-Tomato sauce

That's all it took! A handful of ingredients I already had on hand. I cooked the steak, spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes on the stove in some oil. Placed all that on the pasta with a bit of sauce and a dash of cheese on top! Waa-Laa a main course meal for one! The ingredients are good for you and its not a frozen pizza! I may be a little too pleased for creating a pasta dish, but this was my best quick pull together of fresh ingredients. Normally all my veggies go bad before I use them up. I can only eat sandwiches so many times too. Pasta noodles never go bad but they can be dull. I spiced up my cooking and it tastes delicious!! As pleased as I am, I am still taking recipe! Well eat on!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gillian Flynn's Books Review

I heard Gillian Flynn on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and was immediately intrigued. She is a suspenseful thriller author. Her books have twists and are often dark. I have read Sharp Objects and Dark Places. I am just starting her newest book, Gone Girl.

Sharp Objects is written all from the perspective of the main character. She is a journalist who is sent to her home town to write a story on two young girls who were murdered. She has major issues with her family and a dark childhood. Between her struggle to survive at home she tries to help solve these murders in a small southern town.

Dark places is written in the perspective of three people. Libby Day, the main character, her brother Ben Day, and her mother Patty Day. Libby is the survivor of her family who were all murdered, while her brother Ben is sent to jail for the crime. Libby, later in her life, is approached by a crime obsessed group who wants her to rethink her brother's guilt. Ben's and Patty's chapters are all written within the day of the murder. This book takes so many turns and keeps you wondering the whole way through!!

I am only a few chapters into Gone Girl. It is written from the main guys point of view and his wife's journal. I havent gotten a grasp on it much yet. I believe the wife goes missing and things get pretty dark and twisted.

Gillian Flynn caught me in her web of thrills and chills. I highly recommend her books. They are about average in length and are pretty quick reads. What books are on your must read list?

My day in town

Today I decided to gain some Independence. I took a bus into town all on my own. Lancaster is a small town, there is a city center area and thats about the most exciting part of town. It is really pretty and charming though! Brick and stone walk ways old and new buildings. I grabbed a coffee and wondered. I came across this huge bookstore! It was like a piece of heaven. Sitting areas to drink coffee and read, all types of books, cards, and character. Everyone is very kind. Made an old lady friend at the bus stop. Was told to go to the Lake District for the millionth time! I am still waiting another 2 weeks for my loan, sadly. I will be broke for a long time! That will keep me on campus for a long time. But everything I need is on campus. Any who, here are a few snap shots from town!

I didn't get any books. Everything is really expensive! Someday I will bring my ipad down and do some nook book reading at the book store. Also there is a Starbucks in case I need a taste of home! I now plan on staying in most the night and watching some Netflix! I just made myself some veggie and chicken curry! NOM!! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cheers from the UK

Hello all!! I have been away from blogging forever! But I am back with some free time and blog worthy adventures. I am currently studying abroad in Lancaster, England. It is a charming place with loads of new experiences ahead of me! Here is a few photos of my almost first week here. Some pictures are from Manchester. I spent a day there when I first arrived. My suitcase was lost and took a few days too get here, but I finally got it and got to take a nice UK outfit pic! So stay tuned for whats to come!