Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holiday with A Lover

My bf came to visit me about two weeks ago and we took a bit of a holiday together. We went to London, Berlin, and the Lake district. I saw some new things, ate great food, and drank a lot of wine. Hey, that's what holidays are for. It was nice to have company, especially from my love. Here are some sights..
 Afternoon walk in Westminster
Tower of London and Tower Bridge
Berlin. Best German eats NOM
Lake District

Time went way to fast, but it was worth it. Going somewhere once is never enough. I could spend my whole life traveling. Here's to more adventures to come.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paris weekend

Aww the city of love and lights. I had made the last minute choice to go and I will never regret it! This was a month or so back, sorry for the delay. But I am here now to share my trip and all the gorgeousness I saw!

 Nortre Dame 

 Eiffel Tower
 Night view. I went to the very top!
The Louvre,Mona Lisa, Orsay, and yummy dessert
Me at all the lovely places in Paris!

It was very easy to fall madly in love with Paris. I hope to get to go back again. The Notre Dame area was one of my favorite areas, you walk around the river check out little chops, snack on tasty pastries. I got to add some unforgettable memories to my life, drinking champagne on top the Eiffel tower, seeing famous pieces of art, experiencing the flow and culture of another country. It was an amazing trip in an amazing city.