Tuesday, August 27, 2013

School Days

School started for me. It will be my junior year of college! I have some big important classes and responsibilities this year. A chair at the Coffee Hag will have my butt imprinted in it by Halloween. Goodbye summer, hello books, papers, and long nights.

End of Summer reads

Summer is my favorite time to just relax and crack open a book I've been dying to read. Sadly summer is coming to an end. But I thought I would share with you some books I have either read or want to read. Because let's face it, reading is pretty pleasant all year round.

Out of these books I have actually read three. The other four are books that will get bumped to another non-school period of time soon! I get pretty burnt out on reading during the school year, so reading for pleasure takes a step back.

Anyway, the three books I have read are The Virgin Suicides, Game of Thrones, and Perks of being a Wallflower. These books are all great reads! They are also all written in some interesting ways. 
  • The Virgin Suicides has very dark humor in it and is written from the neighborhood boys point of view. 
  • Game of Thrones is an intense adventure fantasy-ish read. It is written from different character's point of views.
  • Perks of Being a Wallflower is a coming of age story about an awkward freshmen. This book is written in forms of letters the main character is writing. 

I have seen the movies of The Bling Ring and Ridding in Cars with Boys. I loved both the movies! So, I find it only fair I give the books a chance.
  • Riding in Cars with Boys is an emotional roller coaster! I don't think I have watched the movie without crying. I am assuming and hoping the book is equally as powerful.
  • The Bling Ring would be a book I would use as like a beach read. A book that would just be fun and entertaining to pick up. Even though it is based on real events, the people is is based on are so perfectly crazy and delusional!
That just leaves On My Knees and I Could Pee on This. I am interested in these two books for very different reasons.
  • On My Knees is a memoir. It seems like it would be a good inspiring feminist book. Any book about a women's sexual experiences and her reactions seems interesting to me.
  • I Could Pee on This interests me for two reasons. One, it is about cats and has cat pictures. Two, I love coffee table books. Once I have my own home and coffee table it will be fully stocked with silly random books. This book is basically random little poems about cat things. So basically it will be amazballz!
Hope some of you out there still have some summer to pick up a book! Otherwise, here are some books to look into for next summer! Or heck, just keep reading all year round!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Summer Look Book

I have been working some major summer trends this year. From the maxi to the crop top. This summer seems to be all about playing with lengths. And I have had a blast playing around. Here are some of my favorite looks..

Top: Posh Love
Bottoms: forever21
Shoes: urban outfitters

The crop top is huge this summer! I have stocked up on a few different styles and just love to mix and match them with different looks. And crop top or not this shirt is a must have!! High waisted shorts are still trending too. They are perfect for crop tops so you don't show too much skin. Also I can't get over the pin up style they bring to a look. 

Top: forever21
Skirt: TJ Max
Shoes: urban outfitters

Another crop top! This one is flowy and an off the shoulder. It has been my summer go to top. My skirt is on trend with its high low style. Black and white has been my summer colors. I often add a pop of color with my shoes. It is just so chic and great for any occasion. 

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: TJ Max

Light and flowy is a must for those hot summer days! If I could I would wear this dress everyday! The cream color makes it easy to add bold accessories or play it down for a day look. It follows the high low trend and also has a little cut out in the back. This dress is also great because it can be work spring-fall.

Dress: Posh Love
Shoes: Heartbreaker
I have jumped on the Maxi trend train! I always thought people were crazy for wearing long length skirts and dresses in the summer, but turns out Maxi is very comfortable. Black makes it easy to wear through multiple seasons and good for day or night wear. It is a pretty sexy look too. I have been noticing people add crop tops over their Maxi dresses for a fun look. I might have to combine cat shirt with this Maxi!
So my main summer looks this year are: crop tops, Maxi dresses, high waisted shorts, and high low skits and dresses. Summer is a great time to add those pops of colors but I have been playing into the black and white look. It makes transitioning from day to night easy. What are your top summer looks?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer must haves

Summer is finally amount us! I have been trying to enjoy all my free time and do all the summer musts! By doing this I have noticed a select few things I must have for this time of year! Here is my list of 6 must haves for summer..

1: Water is a must! Staying hydrated is so important while spending time in the sun. It is good for you on many levels too, like helping with digestion and keeping your skin hydrated and glowing. I use a babble. They are perfect because they are reusable and have a filter. I like plastic water bottles more than metal. They are also cheap and sell new filters for cheap too.

2: sun hats are all the rage this time of year. They are fashionable and come in all kinds of styles, fits, patters, and colors. I have never been a hat person, but I am going to try on sunny days. Hats also help protect your scalp from sun damage and your face too. 

3: Yoga is my new favorite activity. You can do it outside, in a porch, or in your Livingroom. So even on rainy summer days you can still get your tree pose on. I also like yoga because it helps center me and connect with my nature surroundings. Not to mention it is great exercise. 

4: sunglasses are an absolute must!! There are so many pairs to choose from! Beach day pairs, road trip pairs, family BBQ pairs, it's endless. You should look for pairs that have a uv protected sticker on them. That will help protect your eyes from those harmful sun rays. 

5: Summer is the main time I have to read any book I choose. Finally I can read for pleasure and not chapters of a text book. Reading can be done at all my favorite summer spots, a coffee shop, outside, in a big comfy chair looking out the window. I have a list of books I look forward to reading this summer.

6: Last but not least is sun screen! You cannot go through summer without sunscreen! Protecting your skin is a huge issue that many people look over, myself included. I now carry some in my purse for days I catch myself sitting outside. Having tattoos has helped me keep up on The sun screen, but I still have areas I sometimes look over. It is worth the investment to purchase face lotion and chap stick have have sun screen in them too.

So there are my 6 summer must haves!! What items can you not make it through summer without? Health is a big part of my list. Taking care of your body and mind will make summer that much more enjoyable!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mind and Body Photo Dump

Since the academic school year has finally ended, I have been putting my focus on new goals. I want to take this summer to embrace the weather and things around me. I also want to focus on myself and my body. I am starting to do a variety of different workouts. I try to run, do yoga, hike, or ride my bike everyday to every other day. I forget what a great peace of mind exercising brings. So far I have enjoyed the view of my country home and some pretty spots around town! Enjoy the images of my peaceful few days.

 I will only accept cloudy days if the clouds are this stunning!
Hike in the backyard
Spoooookkyy Jurassic Park woods
 Bricks and Greens
 Biking over a bridge.
 Porch Yoga..can't wait till its nice enough to yoga outside
 I love my Bike! No gears though..
My favorite statue this year

Hope you are all finding your own peaceful summer center!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The shoe for spring

Hello bloggers! I finished my spring semester and I am in summer mode. However, it is still spring time. I have been picking up on some spring trends in foot wear. Or maybe I am just jumping on the wagon a little late. I have decided the loafer and the Oxford are spring time must haves. There are so many styles, colors, and wearability for these shoes. They can add a sophistication to a look or casual an outfit down. The color and print options are almost endless. I think keeping it more simple and neutral is the best way to go, but that's just me. I like that they can be boots, flats, or even slip ons. These two shoes are right on trend. Even though this are popping up, I think they will always be wearable. The vintage look is always in style, in my opinion. So enjoy some of my favorite versions of the Oxford and loafer! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

What I have been wearing: Spring Time

Here in good ol' MN spring seems to be indecisive on coming out. We have had a handful of acceptable spring days but the rest are looking like Winter is staying past its welcome. However, on those few nicer spring days I managed to put together some good starter spring outfits. Here are a few!

 Tank Top- Ragstock
Cardigan- Target
Leggings- Forever21
Shoes- Target
Most my winter attire has been leggings as pants. As spring slightly lingers I carry my leggings through. Capri Leggings are so great! They show some leg, keep you cool, go with everything, and can be very casual and comfortable. This Tank top is fun! I mean it has a cat on it so it is already awesome. 
 Cardigan- Target
T-shirt- Hot Topic
Skirt- Ragstock
At first when I put this outfit on I thought it was a little silly, but it grew on me. I had forgotten how a simple black skirt can go with everything. It was the Walking Dead Sunday, so I had to pay tribute. I haven't been able to find much to wear these shoes with (or had nice enough weather to save them from snow and mud). I just find this outfit surprisingly pleasant.
Shoes- Forever21
Dress- Ragstock
Cardigan- Charollet Ruse
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
When I bought this dress I was so excited for spring!! Sadly, I have not been able to wear it much let alone without a cardigan and tights. This blue is a great pop color and will be big for upcoming seasons. I have also deemed the loafer and oxford THE shoes for spring time! This, normally for men, shoe has taken on some feminine charming styles.  
 Cardigan- H&M
Top- Store in Boulder, CO
Leggings- Heartbreaker
Shoes- TJ Max
I have finally steeped away from the plain black legging! However, I did not step far away from my obsession with color mint! I want to get more longer fashion tops for spring and summer. I cannot get enough of the lace cut out down the sides of this top. It adds just enough sexy and sassy. Again I am wearing a lovely pair of nude loafers. *TING* 

Now that I started to sneak some spring into my wardrobe I am praying Mother Nature will follow suit. Come on sunshine and warm days!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dammit Doll, necessity

Today was one of those days where I just could not contain my stress freak out. Actually this semester has been causing many of those days. Sometimes making notes or a schedule helps or even taking some time to myself. Other times the rage and frustration boils and can't be stopped. Those are the days I could really use a dammit doll! A dammit doll is a little stuffed doll, almost voodoo looking, that you take and slam on stuff to get out your emotions. It is like the more fun and cuter stress ball. I think they are brilliant! You. Can find them at http://dammitdolls.com/

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My new obsession: Galaxy Leggings

When galaxy leggings first started making their way out in public I really didn't know how I felt. Well that's not true, I thought they were fairly in unattractive. However, they have now grown into my fashion heart! Maybe they weren't being worn properly when they first popped on the scene. I, myself, still have no real idea how to rock them. Perhaps with a long sweater or t-shirt, under a simple dress, or like my plain leggings which I wear as if they were normal pants. As I expand my fashion sense and develop into my own version of a fashionista I need to learn to work with statement pieces. Maybe a pair of galaxy pants leggings will help me with this. As much as I would like to invest in a pair, I am not willing to pay as much as they cost right now for a pair of leggings. But seriously...see how cool these are?!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Add a little spring to your home

Spring is right around the corner, and for some lucky ones it is already in bloom. Spring is a great time to rearrange the house and bring a new fresh feel to your space. I did some window shopping on urban outfitters (just my daily boredom routine) and found some stand out spring pieces.

-I am a sucker for almost anything teal or baby blue. So when I saw this adorable blue side table I fell in love. Baby blue is a nice bright color to add some pop to a space. It also has a nice vintage look.
-Rugs are an easy and sometimes cheap way to bring a new vibe inside. Like I said, sucker for light blues, but the floral rug has tons of bright spring colors.
-A space box shelf is perfect for all your little nic-nacs. These shelves are making a big decorative come back. To make them personal to your home paint the shelves or add a little wall paper around the sides.
-Hardware is another easy way to add a touch of unique and personal decor. Door knobs and curtain holders are simple to install too. I like the brass floral look of this curtain holder.
-Picture frames are my favorite decor item! Sometimes I have more frames than pictures to put in them. Again, I am clearly really into this baby blue accent color. Having the frames chained together is nice for those of us who don't have the eye for multiple frame art eye.
-Cat art, everyone needs some nice cat art.
-Little bottles or vases are also become a big decor trend. This seat is nice because it has multiple colors and sizes. It could be used for flowers, storing pens, or just a simple decoration. No matter what I think they are very cute.
- I am not real sure how the dear head has anything to do with spring, but I want it! It at least would make a fabulous conversation piece.

Happy international women's day!

March 8th is international women's day!! Not sure how to celebrate, but I know I'm feeling proud! Enjoy everyone, and get inspired!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blue is the new Black

I have noticed shades of blue (especially a light pastel blue) have been popping up for spring trends. I fully support this trend. I have always loved shades of blue- teals, mints, aqua, seafoam, pastel, baby, sky, ect. So I decided to do a little window online shopping for some different blue items that I will be looking for to add to my spring wardrobe.

Blue Bottoms- 

Will blue jeans ever really go out of style? I doubt it. Like the color black, they are always stylish and always go with everything. The blue pin-up inspired high waisted shorts are a dream come true! High wasted shorts are my new must have! You can wear these with a tucked in chiffon shirt, a bustier, a lounge tank, and the list goes on and on. Staying on the high waisted trend I am dying over these acid wash high waisted shorts. A nice mix of the pin-up shorts and blue jeans. These add a blue edge to anything!

Blue Tops-

The denim top has survived multiple seasons and is still on trend point. A denim top comes in several shades of blue. Also several styles, cuts, vests, button ups, cut-outs, and short sleeve. That denim just matches all things. The tank and tee are versatile and can be mix and matched with tons of outfits. In the middle is a chiffon baby blue button up. A easy way to make an out-fit go from day to night.

Blue Accessories-

There is really an endless amount of ways to add blue hues to a look. These are just a few ideas. Your purse is a good start. I like the edge with the studs and skulls on this iphone wallet. A clutch or small purse are cute accessories in baby blues too. A bralett is all the craze for spring and summer. I bought one and wear it all the time. It adds a hint of color and is perfect for shirts that are cut too low or have wide open armpits. Add a scarf, who doesn't love adding a scarf? Finally, nail polish is the easiest way to add a hint of blue to your life. 

This spring trend adds a whole new meaning to the saying "Feeling Blue." I am on the blue bandwagon and now I will just wait for spring time to bloom!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

That special day is just around the corner! You know the one, where we get to share our love with our main squeezes, friends, and family. I have made my own little gift guide on ideas to get the ladies in your life.

 1. Josie Maran lip gloss- This pink sheer gloss is a perfect gift for right before date night! Make those lips look kissable. (available on Josie's website and at saphora)
2. Heart shaped bangle- I am just smitten over this bracelet!! It would go with everything and the heart shape makes it cute and personal. (Forever21)
3. Sleep shirt- Every girl needs a nice pair of pjs. This long shirt is silky and stylish. Comfortable and cute, what else does a girl need in her sleepwear?
4. A Cat's Life book- Ok I know I am not the only one out there who would jump with joy from getting this adorable book. However, a book in general can be a great V-day gift. (Barns&Noble)
5. U Are The Apple Of My Eye necklace- Do I even need to explain this one? So sweet!! (Forever21)
6. Pink body mist- You can never have too many purse size items! Victoria secret has the nicest body mists and they come in little travel sizes. The little sizes also make them a cute item to add to a gift bag of prezzies. (Victoria Secret)
7. Heart shaped purse- Since you can never have too many purse sized items you also can't have too many purses! You want to make your girl happy, get her a nice purse. This is a nice color pop and good size purse. The heart shape again makes it personal for the holiday. (Forever21)

8. Love and Beauty nail polish- Top is firstdate and bottom is teatime. Pink and Red are the colors of Valentines day and the color of fabulous nails. (Forever21)
9. Iphone cover- What says love more than a heart case for your love's number one real love, their iphone?!?! (UrbanOutfitters)
10. Sweetheart Sunglasses- Girls love accessories. These ones remind me of the book Lolita. These shades will be very cool for summer, just enough to add a little to an outfit. (UrbanOutfitters)
11. Heart and Bike mug- I tried to find some lovely tea, but failed. I found this nice mug instead. I know I can never have enough mugs. (UrbanOutfitters)
12. Starbucks Strawberry and Cream ice cream- Do I need to say anything... YUM!!!

A few more generic ideas for the traditional gift giver are..
*Flowers*Chocolates*Message*Spa day*Bath salts*Candles*Candy Hearts*Wine 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Links I Like

I have been hitting a few of the same links pretty hardly lately. I thought I would share them with you. They make me smile, inspire me, and pass the time nicely.

Suri's Burn Book
I am obsessed with Suri's Burn Book! It is basically a blog where "Suri Cruze" makes comments on pictures of Hollywood's finest children. I laugh at every post and sometimes have to reread them multiple times because they are that good! This girl is so sassy! The best part is the blog keeps up with news almost everyday and even looking bad at old posts are fun. There is also a book called Suri's Burn Book. I haven't read it, but judging off the blog I am betting it is hysterical!!!

Tom & Lorenzo
If you want some sassy snap opinions on T.V. shows, fashion, or Celberties go to Tom and Lorenzo. Each week I checked in to see what they thought about the newest American Horror. I may not always agree with them but it is still pretty amusing. I don't know why I read reviews about shows I like. Normally I completely disagree with what they say. Tom and Lorenzo are just so sassy I come back for more.

Shay Mitchell's Tumbler
Shay Mitchell, also known as Emily from Pretty Little Liars, is so fabulous and adorable! It is her personal blog, but she does have her personal friends help keep up posts. It is fun to get inside peeks on famous people's lives. She also does a lot of fashion, food, DIY, design related posts. She also does daily-weekly inspiration posts. They are just cute little expressions or quotes meant to inspire. I am just smitten by this site.

What Links have you been living for lately??

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I have been up to

Now that school has started time seems to be flying bye! I am about to be in week three of classes. So far things are doing alright. My classes are kicking my butt, but kind of in a good way. Gotta stay pretty focused this semester. However, I do get some free time and I do live an everyday life. I thought I would share with you some stuff I have been up to and in to!


Been Watching:  
I have been all about the ladies of comedy for T.V. watching lately. I had never seen girls (because we don't get HBO:( ), so when I saw it for only $20 at target I had to get it and see what everyone was talking about. I fricken LOVED it!! So some of the girls aren't likable at times, the show just felt real. I watched it with my bestie and we died laughing! I am so bummed I can't watch season two for probably a long time!! As for New Girl, I had only seen some snips here and there but never a full episode. I am a huge Zooey Deschanel fan!! I jumped on Amazon and found a deal on season one of New Girl and started it as soon as it hit my mail box. This show makes me giggle nonstop. I want to snuggle up and be all indie cute and comfy when I watch it, just like Jess. Who's that girl? Who's that girl? Its Jess!! 

Been Reading:
Text books..text books..text books. I am paving my path for Gender and Women's studies! This semester is all gender and all women related. I am letting my feminist flag fly! Some of these books are actually really good and interesting. Also this is not all my text books..how sad is that..Yay education! I might sneak in some Walking Dead too, just so I don't go text book crazy.

Been Eating:
Ever since my health class I have been doing a pretty good job at eating more on the healthy side. Eating at home helps a lot, I actually get full meals most nights. I could probably use more fruits, but hey its winter, slim pickin's. Anyway, I have been doing good on staying healthy enough. I have classes all day Tuesday so I have started to pack a little snack for myself. My new favorite snack is chocolate covered almonds! So tasty and not bad for you! This year I am also trying to drink more water. I now bring my water bottle to class and try to drink it all at least once-twice a day. 

Been wanting to do:
I have been wanting to make a life board. Yes, I said it! A life board! Except I just want to make one for the year. I want to cut out pictures and sayings to keep me going through the year and to remind me of my goals. I have been tied up with school and phasing out my social life so this project has yet to be started. I am hoping to have a nice Sunday free to do it all at once. I have really become a whole new me over the past few months and I want to keep the positive changes going. (Good magazines for some inspiration hehe)

Been Listening to:
* Lana Del Ray
* She & Him

Been Living by:
It speaks for itself..be yourself

So that is pretty much what my life has been like for the past two weeks! I have been collecting some outfit pictures as well to maybe make a "what I've been wearing" post! Hope all is well with you out there!

Monday, January 14, 2013

What I Wore: Vintage Bitch Princess

I don't really know why I call this outfit my vintage bitch princess outfit but it just feels right. Vintage because of the pearls and lace, bitch because of the boots and attitude, princess..well because sometimes I just feel like one. I still love mixing the hard and soft looks together. I am beginning to get better at mixing and layering. I just have to play around more and face my fashion fears.

Sweater: Forever21
Dress: Ragstock
Tights: Forever21
Boots: Forever21
(Man, they should pay me for how much of them I advertise in an outfit!)

 I am trying this small backpack as a purse thing. I am not fully sure how I feel about it yet. It holds all my stuff and doesn't seem so messy though, and that is a plus. I am just head over heels for lace and this teal-ish color. It is girly and a lot of time I mix in edge and attitude with my daily outfits. I layered the sweater over the dress and this is something I haven't tried before! It was fun and I am very pleased with how it came together. 2013 will be a fun year of trying new risks.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Prezzies!

I just can't let Christmas die! Hehe. Well actually today I finally took down my tiny pink tree and organized most of my presents. Now I just have a small pile of empty boxes to decide to keep for next year or just trash them. It turned out to be a good opportunity to snap some pics of my gifts.

1. A very Hello Kitty Christmas! Some nice socks, a planner, and new jumpdrive
2. Some Victoria's Secret goodies! I will smell so good!
3. Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead!!! New sweatshirt, I <3 Daryl shirt, and the second compendium
4. Forever21 sweater, American Horror Story season 1 on DVD, and a Steve Madden purse
5. Boots, because you can never have enough boots!!
6. My new pock-a-dot sock obsession. Ok I only got two of these for Christmas, the rest were gifts to myself. I just love them! And they peek over the top of my boots.

What were your Favorite Holiday scores? 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Photo Dump

It is now 2013! As much as I love Christmas and that December spirit I am glad it is over! The presents have been opened, the food eating, and stress is finally settling. I got many lovely things, including my loved Ipad, American Horror Story season 1 on DVD, some clothes, accessories, and boots, new perfume, so many wonderful socks, footie pjs, and more. I don't have group present pictures like last year (this has been an extra hectic year), but I do have a few snap shots from over the season to share. Enjoy!

1. My new pink xmas tree for me room <3
2. Cow Kitty sleeping by the tree. Holiday bliss
3. Ugly xmas sweater at my work
4. New Forever21 boots xmas gift! In love!
5. Holiday nails
6. My glitter bow sweater with my xmas present petter pan pearl collar

Just a tiny glimpse into my holiday season! Hope your holidays were merry! Happy 2013!