Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

That special day is just around the corner! You know the one, where we get to share our love with our main squeezes, friends, and family. I have made my own little gift guide on ideas to get the ladies in your life.

 1. Josie Maran lip gloss- This pink sheer gloss is a perfect gift for right before date night! Make those lips look kissable. (available on Josie's website and at saphora)
2. Heart shaped bangle- I am just smitten over this bracelet!! It would go with everything and the heart shape makes it cute and personal. (Forever21)
3. Sleep shirt- Every girl needs a nice pair of pjs. This long shirt is silky and stylish. Comfortable and cute, what else does a girl need in her sleepwear?
4. A Cat's Life book- Ok I know I am not the only one out there who would jump with joy from getting this adorable book. However, a book in general can be a great V-day gift. (Barns&Noble)
5. U Are The Apple Of My Eye necklace- Do I even need to explain this one? So sweet!! (Forever21)
6. Pink body mist- You can never have too many purse size items! Victoria secret has the nicest body mists and they come in little travel sizes. The little sizes also make them a cute item to add to a gift bag of prezzies. (Victoria Secret)
7. Heart shaped purse- Since you can never have too many purse sized items you also can't have too many purses! You want to make your girl happy, get her a nice purse. This is a nice color pop and good size purse. The heart shape again makes it personal for the holiday. (Forever21)

8. Love and Beauty nail polish- Top is firstdate and bottom is teatime. Pink and Red are the colors of Valentines day and the color of fabulous nails. (Forever21)
9. Iphone cover- What says love more than a heart case for your love's number one real love, their iphone?!?! (UrbanOutfitters)
10. Sweetheart Sunglasses- Girls love accessories. These ones remind me of the book Lolita. These shades will be very cool for summer, just enough to add a little to an outfit. (UrbanOutfitters)
11. Heart and Bike mug- I tried to find some lovely tea, but failed. I found this nice mug instead. I know I can never have enough mugs. (UrbanOutfitters)
12. Starbucks Strawberry and Cream ice cream- Do I need to say anything... YUM!!!

A few more generic ideas for the traditional gift giver are..
*Flowers*Chocolates*Message*Spa day*Bath salts*Candles*Candy Hearts*Wine 

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