Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blue is the new Black

I have noticed shades of blue (especially a light pastel blue) have been popping up for spring trends. I fully support this trend. I have always loved shades of blue- teals, mints, aqua, seafoam, pastel, baby, sky, ect. So I decided to do a little window online shopping for some different blue items that I will be looking for to add to my spring wardrobe.

Blue Bottoms- 

Will blue jeans ever really go out of style? I doubt it. Like the color black, they are always stylish and always go with everything. The blue pin-up inspired high waisted shorts are a dream come true! High wasted shorts are my new must have! You can wear these with a tucked in chiffon shirt, a bustier, a lounge tank, and the list goes on and on. Staying on the high waisted trend I am dying over these acid wash high waisted shorts. A nice mix of the pin-up shorts and blue jeans. These add a blue edge to anything!

Blue Tops-

The denim top has survived multiple seasons and is still on trend point. A denim top comes in several shades of blue. Also several styles, cuts, vests, button ups, cut-outs, and short sleeve. That denim just matches all things. The tank and tee are versatile and can be mix and matched with tons of outfits. In the middle is a chiffon baby blue button up. A easy way to make an out-fit go from day to night.

Blue Accessories-

There is really an endless amount of ways to add blue hues to a look. These are just a few ideas. Your purse is a good start. I like the edge with the studs and skulls on this iphone wallet. A clutch or small purse are cute accessories in baby blues too. A bralett is all the craze for spring and summer. I bought one and wear it all the time. It adds a hint of color and is perfect for shirts that are cut too low or have wide open armpits. Add a scarf, who doesn't love adding a scarf? Finally, nail polish is the easiest way to add a hint of blue to your life. 

This spring trend adds a whole new meaning to the saying "Feeling Blue." I am on the blue bandwagon and now I will just wait for spring time to bloom!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

That special day is just around the corner! You know the one, where we get to share our love with our main squeezes, friends, and family. I have made my own little gift guide on ideas to get the ladies in your life.

 1. Josie Maran lip gloss- This pink sheer gloss is a perfect gift for right before date night! Make those lips look kissable. (available on Josie's website and at saphora)
2. Heart shaped bangle- I am just smitten over this bracelet!! It would go with everything and the heart shape makes it cute and personal. (Forever21)
3. Sleep shirt- Every girl needs a nice pair of pjs. This long shirt is silky and stylish. Comfortable and cute, what else does a girl need in her sleepwear?
4. A Cat's Life book- Ok I know I am not the only one out there who would jump with joy from getting this adorable book. However, a book in general can be a great V-day gift. (Barns&Noble)
5. U Are The Apple Of My Eye necklace- Do I even need to explain this one? So sweet!! (Forever21)
6. Pink body mist- You can never have too many purse size items! Victoria secret has the nicest body mists and they come in little travel sizes. The little sizes also make them a cute item to add to a gift bag of prezzies. (Victoria Secret)
7. Heart shaped purse- Since you can never have too many purse sized items you also can't have too many purses! You want to make your girl happy, get her a nice purse. This is a nice color pop and good size purse. The heart shape again makes it personal for the holiday. (Forever21)

8. Love and Beauty nail polish- Top is firstdate and bottom is teatime. Pink and Red are the colors of Valentines day and the color of fabulous nails. (Forever21)
9. Iphone cover- What says love more than a heart case for your love's number one real love, their iphone?!?! (UrbanOutfitters)
10. Sweetheart Sunglasses- Girls love accessories. These ones remind me of the book Lolita. These shades will be very cool for summer, just enough to add a little to an outfit. (UrbanOutfitters)
11. Heart and Bike mug- I tried to find some lovely tea, but failed. I found this nice mug instead. I know I can never have enough mugs. (UrbanOutfitters)
12. Starbucks Strawberry and Cream ice cream- Do I need to say anything... YUM!!!

A few more generic ideas for the traditional gift giver are..
*Flowers*Chocolates*Message*Spa day*Bath salts*Candles*Candy Hearts*Wine 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Links I Like

I have been hitting a few of the same links pretty hardly lately. I thought I would share them with you. They make me smile, inspire me, and pass the time nicely.

Suri's Burn Book
I am obsessed with Suri's Burn Book! It is basically a blog where "Suri Cruze" makes comments on pictures of Hollywood's finest children. I laugh at every post and sometimes have to reread them multiple times because they are that good! This girl is so sassy! The best part is the blog keeps up with news almost everyday and even looking bad at old posts are fun. There is also a book called Suri's Burn Book. I haven't read it, but judging off the blog I am betting it is hysterical!!!

Tom & Lorenzo
If you want some sassy snap opinions on T.V. shows, fashion, or Celberties go to Tom and Lorenzo. Each week I checked in to see what they thought about the newest American Horror. I may not always agree with them but it is still pretty amusing. I don't know why I read reviews about shows I like. Normally I completely disagree with what they say. Tom and Lorenzo are just so sassy I come back for more.

Shay Mitchell's Tumbler
Shay Mitchell, also known as Emily from Pretty Little Liars, is so fabulous and adorable! It is her personal blog, but she does have her personal friends help keep up posts. It is fun to get inside peeks on famous people's lives. She also does a lot of fashion, food, DIY, design related posts. She also does daily-weekly inspiration posts. They are just cute little expressions or quotes meant to inspire. I am just smitten by this site.

What Links have you been living for lately??