Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blue is the new Black

I have noticed shades of blue (especially a light pastel blue) have been popping up for spring trends. I fully support this trend. I have always loved shades of blue- teals, mints, aqua, seafoam, pastel, baby, sky, ect. So I decided to do a little window online shopping for some different blue items that I will be looking for to add to my spring wardrobe.

Blue Bottoms- 

Will blue jeans ever really go out of style? I doubt it. Like the color black, they are always stylish and always go with everything. The blue pin-up inspired high waisted shorts are a dream come true! High wasted shorts are my new must have! You can wear these with a tucked in chiffon shirt, a bustier, a lounge tank, and the list goes on and on. Staying on the high waisted trend I am dying over these acid wash high waisted shorts. A nice mix of the pin-up shorts and blue jeans. These add a blue edge to anything!

Blue Tops-

The denim top has survived multiple seasons and is still on trend point. A denim top comes in several shades of blue. Also several styles, cuts, vests, button ups, cut-outs, and short sleeve. That denim just matches all things. The tank and tee are versatile and can be mix and matched with tons of outfits. In the middle is a chiffon baby blue button up. A easy way to make an out-fit go from day to night.

Blue Accessories-

There is really an endless amount of ways to add blue hues to a look. These are just a few ideas. Your purse is a good start. I like the edge with the studs and skulls on this iphone wallet. A clutch or small purse are cute accessories in baby blues too. A bralett is all the craze for spring and summer. I bought one and wear it all the time. It adds a hint of color and is perfect for shirts that are cut too low or have wide open armpits. Add a scarf, who doesn't love adding a scarf? Finally, nail polish is the easiest way to add a hint of blue to your life. 

This spring trend adds a whole new meaning to the saying "Feeling Blue." I am on the blue bandwagon and now I will just wait for spring time to bloom!

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