Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I have been up to

Now that school has started time seems to be flying bye! I am about to be in week three of classes. So far things are doing alright. My classes are kicking my butt, but kind of in a good way. Gotta stay pretty focused this semester. However, I do get some free time and I do live an everyday life. I thought I would share with you some stuff I have been up to and in to!


Been Watching:  
I have been all about the ladies of comedy for T.V. watching lately. I had never seen girls (because we don't get HBO:( ), so when I saw it for only $20 at target I had to get it and see what everyone was talking about. I fricken LOVED it!! So some of the girls aren't likable at times, the show just felt real. I watched it with my bestie and we died laughing! I am so bummed I can't watch season two for probably a long time!! As for New Girl, I had only seen some snips here and there but never a full episode. I am a huge Zooey Deschanel fan!! I jumped on Amazon and found a deal on season one of New Girl and started it as soon as it hit my mail box. This show makes me giggle nonstop. I want to snuggle up and be all indie cute and comfy when I watch it, just like Jess. Who's that girl? Who's that girl? Its Jess!! 

Been Reading:
Text books..text books..text books. I am paving my path for Gender and Women's studies! This semester is all gender and all women related. I am letting my feminist flag fly! Some of these books are actually really good and interesting. Also this is not all my text sad is that..Yay education! I might sneak in some Walking Dead too, just so I don't go text book crazy.

Been Eating:
Ever since my health class I have been doing a pretty good job at eating more on the healthy side. Eating at home helps a lot, I actually get full meals most nights. I could probably use more fruits, but hey its winter, slim pickin's. Anyway, I have been doing good on staying healthy enough. I have classes all day Tuesday so I have started to pack a little snack for myself. My new favorite snack is chocolate covered almonds! So tasty and not bad for you! This year I am also trying to drink more water. I now bring my water bottle to class and try to drink it all at least once-twice a day. 

Been wanting to do:
I have been wanting to make a life board. Yes, I said it! A life board! Except I just want to make one for the year. I want to cut out pictures and sayings to keep me going through the year and to remind me of my goals. I have been tied up with school and phasing out my social life so this project has yet to be started. I am hoping to have a nice Sunday free to do it all at once. I have really become a whole new me over the past few months and I want to keep the positive changes going. (Good magazines for some inspiration hehe)

Been Listening to:
* Lana Del Ray
* She & Him

Been Living by:
It speaks for yourself

So that is pretty much what my life has been like for the past two weeks! I have been collecting some outfit pictures as well to maybe make a "what I've been wearing" post! Hope all is well with you out there!

Monday, January 14, 2013

What I Wore: Vintage Bitch Princess

I don't really know why I call this outfit my vintage bitch princess outfit but it just feels right. Vintage because of the pearls and lace, bitch because of the boots and attitude, princess..well because sometimes I just feel like one. I still love mixing the hard and soft looks together. I am beginning to get better at mixing and layering. I just have to play around more and face my fashion fears.

Sweater: Forever21
Dress: Ragstock
Tights: Forever21
Boots: Forever21
(Man, they should pay me for how much of them I advertise in an outfit!)

 I am trying this small backpack as a purse thing. I am not fully sure how I feel about it yet. It holds all my stuff and doesn't seem so messy though, and that is a plus. I am just head over heels for lace and this teal-ish color. It is girly and a lot of time I mix in edge and attitude with my daily outfits. I layered the sweater over the dress and this is something I haven't tried before! It was fun and I am very pleased with how it came together. 2013 will be a fun year of trying new risks.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Prezzies!

I just can't let Christmas die! Hehe. Well actually today I finally took down my tiny pink tree and organized most of my presents. Now I just have a small pile of empty boxes to decide to keep for next year or just trash them. It turned out to be a good opportunity to snap some pics of my gifts.

1. A very Hello Kitty Christmas! Some nice socks, a planner, and new jumpdrive
2. Some Victoria's Secret goodies! I will smell so good!
3. Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead!!! New sweatshirt, I <3 Daryl shirt, and the second compendium
4. Forever21 sweater, American Horror Story season 1 on DVD, and a Steve Madden purse
5. Boots, because you can never have enough boots!!
6. My new pock-a-dot sock obsession. Ok I only got two of these for Christmas, the rest were gifts to myself. I just love them! And they peek over the top of my boots.

What were your Favorite Holiday scores? 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Photo Dump

It is now 2013! As much as I love Christmas and that December spirit I am glad it is over! The presents have been opened, the food eating, and stress is finally settling. I got many lovely things, including my loved Ipad, American Horror Story season 1 on DVD, some clothes, accessories, and boots, new perfume, so many wonderful socks, footie pjs, and more. I don't have group present pictures like last year (this has been an extra hectic year), but I do have a few snap shots from over the season to share. Enjoy!

1. My new pink xmas tree for me room <3
2. Cow Kitty sleeping by the tree. Holiday bliss
3. Ugly xmas sweater at my work
4. New Forever21 boots xmas gift! In love!
5. Holiday nails
6. My glitter bow sweater with my xmas present petter pan pearl collar

Just a tiny glimpse into my holiday season! Hope your holidays were merry! Happy 2013!