Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I have been up to

Now that school has started time seems to be flying bye! I am about to be in week three of classes. So far things are doing alright. My classes are kicking my butt, but kind of in a good way. Gotta stay pretty focused this semester. However, I do get some free time and I do live an everyday life. I thought I would share with you some stuff I have been up to and in to!


Been Watching:  
I have been all about the ladies of comedy for T.V. watching lately. I had never seen girls (because we don't get HBO:( ), so when I saw it for only $20 at target I had to get it and see what everyone was talking about. I fricken LOVED it!! So some of the girls aren't likable at times, the show just felt real. I watched it with my bestie and we died laughing! I am so bummed I can't watch season two for probably a long time!! As for New Girl, I had only seen some snips here and there but never a full episode. I am a huge Zooey Deschanel fan!! I jumped on Amazon and found a deal on season one of New Girl and started it as soon as it hit my mail box. This show makes me giggle nonstop. I want to snuggle up and be all indie cute and comfy when I watch it, just like Jess. Who's that girl? Who's that girl? Its Jess!! 

Been Reading:
Text books..text books..text books. I am paving my path for Gender and Women's studies! This semester is all gender and all women related. I am letting my feminist flag fly! Some of these books are actually really good and interesting. Also this is not all my text sad is that..Yay education! I might sneak in some Walking Dead too, just so I don't go text book crazy.

Been Eating:
Ever since my health class I have been doing a pretty good job at eating more on the healthy side. Eating at home helps a lot, I actually get full meals most nights. I could probably use more fruits, but hey its winter, slim pickin's. Anyway, I have been doing good on staying healthy enough. I have classes all day Tuesday so I have started to pack a little snack for myself. My new favorite snack is chocolate covered almonds! So tasty and not bad for you! This year I am also trying to drink more water. I now bring my water bottle to class and try to drink it all at least once-twice a day. 

Been wanting to do:
I have been wanting to make a life board. Yes, I said it! A life board! Except I just want to make one for the year. I want to cut out pictures and sayings to keep me going through the year and to remind me of my goals. I have been tied up with school and phasing out my social life so this project has yet to be started. I am hoping to have a nice Sunday free to do it all at once. I have really become a whole new me over the past few months and I want to keep the positive changes going. (Good magazines for some inspiration hehe)

Been Listening to:
* Lana Del Ray
* She & Him

Been Living by:
It speaks for yourself

So that is pretty much what my life has been like for the past two weeks! I have been collecting some outfit pictures as well to maybe make a "what I've been wearing" post! Hope all is well with you out there!

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