Monday, January 14, 2013

What I Wore: Vintage Bitch Princess

I don't really know why I call this outfit my vintage bitch princess outfit but it just feels right. Vintage because of the pearls and lace, bitch because of the boots and attitude, princess..well because sometimes I just feel like one. I still love mixing the hard and soft looks together. I am beginning to get better at mixing and layering. I just have to play around more and face my fashion fears.

Sweater: Forever21
Dress: Ragstock
Tights: Forever21
Boots: Forever21
(Man, they should pay me for how much of them I advertise in an outfit!)

 I am trying this small backpack as a purse thing. I am not fully sure how I feel about it yet. It holds all my stuff and doesn't seem so messy though, and that is a plus. I am just head over heels for lace and this teal-ish color. It is girly and a lot of time I mix in edge and attitude with my daily outfits. I layered the sweater over the dress and this is something I haven't tried before! It was fun and I am very pleased with how it came together. 2013 will be a fun year of trying new risks.

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  1. Love these colours! And I think the backpack looks great =) xx