Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Prezzies!

I just can't let Christmas die! Hehe. Well actually today I finally took down my tiny pink tree and organized most of my presents. Now I just have a small pile of empty boxes to decide to keep for next year or just trash them. It turned out to be a good opportunity to snap some pics of my gifts.

1. A very Hello Kitty Christmas! Some nice socks, a planner, and new jumpdrive
2. Some Victoria's Secret goodies! I will smell so good!
3. Walking Dead Walking Dead Walking Dead!!! New sweatshirt, I <3 Daryl shirt, and the second compendium
4. Forever21 sweater, American Horror Story season 1 on DVD, and a Steve Madden purse
5. Boots, because you can never have enough boots!!
6. My new pock-a-dot sock obsession. Ok I only got two of these for Christmas, the rest were gifts to myself. I just love them! And they peek over the top of my boots.

What were your Favorite Holiday scores? 


  1. Thanks for your comment, now following you =)
    Lovely post! Where are the right brown boots from? I really need a pair! =) xx

    1. Well thank you! Both pair of boots are from forever21!