Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crossed fingers for early Spring!

The weather has been just lovely these past few days! And it looks like it is going to be nice and warm all week long! It is giving me a bad case of spring fever! I keep thinking of ideas of all the stuff I want to get outside and do. For example, Mark and I always go to the Minnesota zoo and the Como zoo at least once a year.
Mark and I also always like to go for walks and picnic at Sibley Park. It is a park with a petting zoo, flower garden, field space, and a river. We eat there and play Frisbee and see the animals of course! Sitting outside in the sun with little finger foods sounds like a beautiful time. If the weather keeps up and melts all the snow and then dries all the mud ill be having a romantic picnic in no time. Like this one..
Another thing I look forward to in the spring is going to CO. I don't know if I will be able to go this year because of school, but hopefully I have a nice Easter break with some money saved to fly over. I want to go back to the mountains, the Denver Aquarium, the Boulder tea house, and to all the other fun towns for street shopping.

I know it is the first day of February and hoping it wont get chilly or snow again is a little silly, but I am just so excited! I really enjoy walking around town and street shopping and in the winter that just isn't an option. So my fingers are crossed that it will be an early spring!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chiffon, I'm in love!

Fashion is something I love to progress in. I like to change my look and buy statement pieces. The past few years I have been getting into the urban, lace, vintage, and tough looks. After doing some online shopping and window shopping I discovered my new clothing obsession, chiffon! The sheer fabric allows you to layer and mix and match darker fall colors. It is so light it can keep you cool all year round, but also light enough to be covered for warmth. A chiffon skirt looks adorable with a big sweater. Here are some looks I have been shopping for.
Pretty little liars is a big fashion inspiration to me! Aria always has to cutest edgy looks. I have the body suit she is wearing under her chiffon top and skirt. I like the maroon color a lot as well. All these pieces are from American Apparel...but they cost a fortune. So I'll stick to surfing online for them.
This is actually a picture from my work! This top is so gorgeous, and looks so fashionable with the waist belt! There is a brown sweater under it. It is definitely on my wish list.
 Along with chiffon being a new trend I am getting into, I am also getting into the secretary style shirt (the picture after the cat chiffon). I do have a pink secretary style chiffon shirt that was featured on my weekly outfit.
I am wearing my body suit from the pretty little liars outfit. So chiffon, I am in love with you! I think it will be a big trend for this spring and next fall. Are you chiffon crazy like me right now?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Smitten Cow Kitten!

Cow Kitty hasn't made an appearance in a while, so here are some of her favorite sleeping places!

The banister!!!?

Cow is my little smitten kitten..and a very sleepy meow.Here are some more pictures of how weird she was when she was a little sleepy kitten baby!

What a weird little cat!!! But she is mine and I love her dearly. What weird things do you kitties do?
Too cute to not put on here! hehehe! She loves her Daddy.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Outfit

I bought a pair of leather (pleather hehe) leggings and have been doing some fashion experimenting. At first I was a little nervous to commit to just wearing them as pants, but now I have no fear! Here is my new favorite outfit I put together.

Cardigan- H&M
Sheer Shirt- Heritage
Striped Body Suit- American Apparel
Leather Leggings- Ragstock
Boots- Charlotte Ruse
All the pieces I wore are my new favorite things to fashion play with! I have wanted a shirt with this style for a long time, I was very excited to find it when Mark and I went to MOA. This outfit ended up being a very sheik and classic. I can't wait for an occasion where I can rock it with some sexy heels!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby, its COWL outside!

My gma Perez made me a lovely cowl for this chilly winter! It is in my favorite teal blue color. It is nice and thick and so soft. I have been wearing it everyday since it has been a chilly streak lately. I am glad I can stay looking cute while keeping warm.

And in the first picture you can see my new cat shirt from Forever 21!!! So cute!! Hope everyone is keeping warm this winter but also having some fun!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap up!

Hello!!! I am so sorry it has been so long! Classes just started last week and the store I work at moved locations, so I have been a very busy girl. I have barely had time to sit down at home and just relax. After my stressful week Mark and I decided to spend Saturday watching a movie and football! It was nice to relax. We also ate so much food! We got Mazetlan and then some yummy Erbs and Gerbs sandwiches! Then on Sunday we went on a trip to the Mall of America!
We spent the day just being together and shopping. I didn't find as much clothes I liked as I wish I would have. I got a really great cat shirt (to be featured soon!), a nice fashion blouse, and 2 colors of nail polish! Then for a little extra fun we went to what used to be called underwater world! Mark loves going to places like the zoo and aquariums.
Here are some things we saw!
 I was so inspired by the beautiful blue of the water and the colors of the octopus! Even Trident's head inspired me for some reason! It was very cool! Pretty expensive though for a small exhibit. After sea life we went to a restaurant at the mall for dinner and watched the Packers vs the Giants (err I think) game. I had a super yummy pasta! It was a spicy chicken pasta.
  It was a wonderful day but it wore me out. Mark and I both had monday off so we made it our lazy night. We watched True Grit, and it was so amazing!!! I highly recommend it! After watching that we finally started Breaking Bad! We are about 7 episodes in and can hardly stop! I am glad we finally got into it. It was truly a weekend of bliss. 
What did you do over the weekend? What is your favorite thing to see at the aquarium?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bruschetta Chicken and Pasta Recipe

I haven't done much cooking or baking lately, so the other night I told Mark I wanted to cook us dinner. I found a delicious sounding Chicken Bruschetta recipe in a magazine.
-1 can Diced tomatoes (we used Italian marinated ones)
-3/4 cup shredded Italian blend cheese (we added a bunch more on top our chicken)
-1/4 cup chopped basil (I didn't measure, I just sprinkled all I wanted)
- 5 Small boneless chicken breasts  (I used just 2 since there was only 2 of us!)
-1 can tomato sauce
-1 tsp minced garlic
-Since there was going to be a lot of extra sauce we decided to cook up some noodles to add with our chicken.
-Mix cheese, diced tomatoes, and basil together in a bowl and mix.
- Put the sauce into a skillet with the garlic. Bring to a boil.
-Add chicken and top it with the tomato mix.
-Cover skillet and simmer for about 15-20 mins. Depending on how thick the chicken is.
-Cook your choice of noodles.
-Mix your noodles and chicken and sauce and Enjoy!

  We both loved this dinner! I think it will become one of our regular dinners. It was so easy, fast, and yummy!!!! We both really like Italian food so this was a perfect dish for us to try.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

Its the new year and everyone is making their resolutions. I personally never make a resolution. I prefer my years achievements to be a surprise. However, I do like to make a few wishes of this to do. I thought that would be the perfect theme for this weeks Wednesday wish list.
A few other things I wish to do:
*Dance more*Keep organized*Spoil myself*Care less about what people think*Be more active*enjoy nature*Save money for the right things*Try harder to see loved ones*Make more creative blog posts*Cook more*Smile and laugh*Find positives over any negative*Be kinder*Do more crafts*Start a hobby*Give back

Baby Surprise!

On Christmas my aunt and my uncle, her new hubby, announced to us they are expecting! There hasn't been a baby in the family for about 10 years now. We are all very excited and pleased. Here is my newest little cousin..
The baby is teeny tiny but the next few months will go by fast! We will learn the sex in February. Baby is due July 18th! Time will fly and we will be meeting baby soon!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Remembering 2011

Hello 2012! It is the first day of the new year and I would like to spend part of it remembering last year. Memories are an amazing thing and more people should see looking back as a good thing. Here are some big things that happened in 2011!
Last New Years!
 I went to China in the beginning of 2011. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much! I put off  starting school, but I wouldn't change my choice ever! I got to go to the Great Wall of China, eat strange food, and make unforgettable memories!
Don't Smile!

Channa got engaged this year and the bachelorett party was so much fun! All the girls together just having a good time at the Ren fest and on a party bus! It was such a blast, wish we could do it all over again!

 Then there was, of course, the wedding! It was a perfect day out and everyone looked perfect, especially Channa. It was great seeing family and all our loved ones celebrating Channa and Corey's love. I danced all night. If we get to relive the bachelorett party then we get to relive the wedding right?! Further news on my aunt and uncle is that they bought a house and just moved in on the 30th!

 I got to see my mom a bunch this year! I went to CO in March and in November. My mom was home the end of June, October, and December. It was so great getting to spend so much time with her in 2011.
In pet news poor Bella broke her little leg and had to get it taken off. She is doing just fine now. She walk, cuddles, and plays just like normal.
 Some other memorable moments of 2011
*Christmas fun*My 19th birthday*4th of July with my fam*Meeting and spending time with my foster siblings*Cow Kitty being adorable*Seeing my friends when they were home from school*Starting College*getting my pin up tattoo*All the little things that happened*Halloween party*The last Harry Potter*My little cousins growing older*All the memories I made and will never forget!!!!