Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

Here is my Christmas wish list! It seems to grow a little more everyday! It is hard to tell everyone what I want because I always fear people not talking and getting doubles. Some of these things I already know I am getting, since I picked it out and ordered hehe.

1. I fell in love with this purse when I found it on Forever! I have been looking for a new purse for a while and I want something slightly simple to go with everything but also not boring. I asked one of my friends to get this for me.
2.I have been wanting a nude nail polish for a whole. This one is also from Forever 21. I might buy this myself for my own little treat.
3.Monster High Doll, Frankie, has been on my wish list before. My mom already told me she got her for me so not much of a surprise there, but I am still very excited to open her!
4.I don't have very many sweaters and since winters can be brutal here in MN I think I should get a few. I want a nice cozy cream sweater. This one if from Target.
5. I cannot get enough leopard print! One of my grandmas had me order this online to send to her to wrap. Another no surprise but I am thrilled to get it and wear it!
6. I asked Mark to get me a photo album. I took a ton of pictures with my foster siblings and would like a nice album to put pictures of them in.
7. Since it gets so cold and dark in the winter I thought I would try a tanning membership. Normally I don't ever go fake tanning. But I thought it might make me a little happier in the long winter months to get some vitamin b!
8. Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite shows and books! Season 1 is now out on DVD. I also asked Mark to get this for me. It is a bit cheaper on Amazon than from stores.
9/10. I have asked for this charm before. I already have a silver chain but this pink one is just too cute to resist!

What kinds of things are you wishing for for Christmas?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekly Outfit

I had some fun putting together new looks from some of my new clothes I got in CO! I went for a leopard inspired look for work today! I was feeling wild and feline!

My cardigan is from H&M, my T-shirt is from Old Navy, my skirt is from Forever 21 and so is my belt and boots! My pink lace tights are from Target.
My cat necklace is vintage. My leopard earrings are from Ragstock (you can't see them very well in this picture). And again my belt is from Forever 21 and its new and I love it!
I can not get enough of my new boots! I want to wear them everyday with everything! They give a really cute tough edge-y look to my outfits. I have been inspired by a tough meets feminine look. What is your new favorite piece of clothing?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Colorado Wrap Up!

I'm back! I had a great vacation visiting my mom, step-dad, and foster siblings out in CO! I did some shopping, some cooking, and some family fun! My first night my mom and I shared a bunch of Indian food! So Yummy! It was just my mom, the kids, and I for the first two days. On Tuesday I went shopping with my friend Devin! We went to the 16th street mall!

 We went to a huge Forever 21 and a H&M! When we were leaving we found this adorable little cup cake stand! It was called Gigi's Cupcakes and had the cutest sweetest looking cup cakes! When we went to order we discovered it was buy one get one free! I ended up getting a chocolate moose and a peppermint candy cane flavored cup cakes! They were only $3.50 each and since it was a deal thats all we payed for two delicious treats!

 Once the rest of my family arrived on Wednesday we started all the family fun. We helped the kids make gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies! It was so nice out we spent a lot of time outside. It was really nice to get to spend time with my foster siblings. I can't put any pictures of them up, but they are super cute! They leave us in about 2 weeks to go live with their grandparents. It is hard and sad but at least we know they are going somewhere where they are very loved. They really liked eating all the candy for the gingerbread houses and cookies. Once we were all done I let Angelita eat off my gingerbread house so she could keep hers all decorated.

We had a delicious thanksgiving! We ate so much food we were all in a food coma! I watched some football and took a little cat nap. Later at night we played games and went back for seconds. On Friday my aunt, little cousin, grandma, and I all went black Friday shopping. We went at about 11 am in stead of super early in the morning. We went to the Flatiron mall and Pearl st in Boulder. I picked out some Christmas gifts and got myself some amazing boots! Later that night we let the kids open some Christmas gifts we got them so we could have a Christmas with them. They went wild over all their new toys! I even got to open an early present and got my first Monster High Doll! My mom got me Ghoulia Yelps!

 Time went way too fast! It was a great trip I just wish it didn't have to end! Now it is back to the real world! How was your thanksgiving? Hope it was filled with good times, good food, and good company!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Colorado Bound

I might be MIA for a while. I am flying out to CO on Sunday to visit my mom, step-dad, and foster siblings! Oh and my two chiwawa puppies! Bella recently broke her front leg and had to get it amputated! So she will get tons of TLC from me! I want to try and put a post up around Thanksgiving, but if I am having to much fun on my mini Vaca then I'll just wait till I am home. Hope everyone has a great Holiday and week! See you soon!

Poor Puppy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

This weeks wish list is stocking stuffer themed!! Woo! I have rounded up some of my dream stocking stuffers for this year. After all a stocking is a small way to give a little more for the season.
1. The first thing is Victoria Secret Pink body lotion and body mist! I absolutely love the smells of Pink! And their lotion is light but still keeps my skin hydrated. Some body scrub is always a nice stuffer too, but I prefer the lotion and spray.

2.These are a beautiful pair of earrings from Forever21. This pair is $6.80, so pretty cheap for just a little something nice in a stocking.

3.This gorgeous scarf is also only $6.80 from Forever21. It can keep you a bit warmer during the cold months but it is also so fashionable.

4.Gift cards are always a good and safe treat for the stocking. I mostly want a Barns and Noble one because I work right across from one and spoil myself with their cafe goodies! A gas, Target, Forever21 gift card would be nice too. I am not too picky! Just anywhere I spend beyond too much money at.

5.Once again these nail polishes are from Forever21! They are only $2.80 each! There is so many colors to choose from but mine are called "Baby Girl" and "Minty Green". I am so in love with these colors lately, mostly pale pinks.

6.The next book in the Pretty Little Liars series! It comes out in early December and I am very excited. Books are always a good normal gift, but sometimes it is nice to find one sticking out slightly of your stocking! Also if you get to open your stocking early, you can sneak away from all the family craziness and read a quick chapter!

7.Socks! I love getting socks every year in my stocking! By Christmas each yeah most my socks have holes in them or have lost their pair. I am a fan of ankle socks and these Hello Kitty ones are precious.

8.Everyone knows candy is the top thing to find stuffing most of your hanging sock. Normal I am ok with getting some candy, but in no way do I need bags and bags of it. I like getting some holiday candy, like these candy cane kisses.

So this is my wish list for my stocking! What kinds of things do you like to dump out on Christmas morning?

Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Things to do before Winter

Winter comes every year, but you never know when the frost and snow will come. I like to enjoy all the sunshine and warmer weather I can, because I know what is to come. Here is a list of things to do before it is too cold!

*Clean out your car*Switch out summer clothes for sweaters*Stock up on comfy pjs*Buy new lounging slippers*Check to make sure your tights and leggings are hole-less*Dig out the space heater*Add a winter smelling freshener in your car*Look up cookie and treat recipes*Make lists for your Christmas shopping*Bring out thick warm blankets
 *Get a tanning membership(to always get a little sun during the dark months)*Clean out your bedroom drawers*Get lots of soup*Find new ways to spice up your hot chocolates(add a candy cane or caramel)*Update your movie collection*Update your book collection*See when the winter premire of your favorite t.v. show starts(to have something to look forward to)*Go on a bike ride*Take a walk through a park*Bring all your plants inside
*Make a big batch of chicken dumpling soup*Swap out all your candles and soaps for winter smells*Check to see if all your Christmas lights still work*Get all your yard work done*Leave some windows open(to let the last bit of warmer fresh air in)*Buy your short haired pets a new sweater(or better yet, make one!)*Stock up on craft materials*Go out to eat a few times before you never want to leave the house*Go on a weekend road trip*Plan a mid-winter vacation!
 As much as I love Christmas and pretty snow I hate the cold! I am going to enjoy the rest of my autumn to the fullest! What are some things you want to get done before the snow falls?

Friday, November 11, 2011

T.V. in review

I am a bit of a T.V. junkie. I like to watch bad reality t.v. shows. I have decided to try and do a review on the weeks episodes every now and then. This week I tuned in to The Bad Girls Club reunion show part 1, Real World San Diego, and Top Model. This is what I thought of the episodes:
I won't lie..there is rarely ever an episode of  BGC that I don't like. Season 7 reunion was a pleaser. Obviously there could always be some more feisty girl fighting, but there was a small brawl between Shelly and Stasi. Perez Hilton was wonderfully sassy as always. Like most reunion shows, you never get all the info you want. There is still part 2 on Monday and I am pretty jacked to watch a few more throw downs.
This weeks Top Model was actually pretty boring and kind of predictable.The girls all went to Greece and the photo shoot was not that great. They had to pose swimsuit style underwear in a giant greek salad. Shannon refused to pose in underwear again, even though it looked like a swimsuit. Lisa is driving me crazy! I really hope she doesn't win, that will make me so sad! I am rooting for Laura and Allison!!! Allison got second best photo this week, she has seem to be in the top for a while now. The preview for next week looks juicy and exciting, so hopefully it will be better than this week!!
Well one word will pretty much sum up this weeks Real World..Sex. Zach and Ashley still aren't doin' it and it doesn't seem like it will happen during the show. Zach says he is a good ol' fashion cowboy. It is nice to know there are respectable men out there but come on!!!! She so clearly wants some sort of physical relationship with him. Priscilla brought some ex-bf to the house and they fooled around..who is this kid? Nothing to major happened. Next week the cast works Warped Tour and Alexandra is going to original Real World.

So that is what I have been watching this week. Did you see these episodes? What did you think?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Inspirations

Well it seems it is that time of year again! The time where we skip all of November and think of winter and Christmas! How can you not think of those two things? They are everywhere, T.V., commercials, in stores, and online! I, myself, have been swept up in the holiday magic. This time of year is full of things that inspire me. Here are just a few.
First Snow Beijing, China 2011
 My first winter inspiration is snow, of course! As much as I hate the cold snow seems to make it more cozy and pretty. I really like when everything gets frosted over and the fresh snow sparkles.
Speaking of Sparkles! The glittering snow makes me want to get all sparkly too! Winter time is the perfect time add some shimmer and shine to you make-up and clothes. This is a nice way to brighten up the long cold dark months.
My next inspiration of tis the season is the smells and tastes! Funny enough they each inspire me to want the other! When I smell yummy peppermint, vanilla, or gingerbread all it makes me want is to eat those things! Baking is one of the best things to do during the winter. Having the oven on warms up the house and the smells are comforting. Cookies are also a great gift for loved ones. I can't wait to start baking classic Christmas treats!
Candy canes are one of my favorite parts of Christmas!! I love to look at them and eat them! They are even kind of cure. Am I right? They inspire both taste and smell of the holidays. They also can inspire fashion! A nice white sweater dress with a red cardigan, so adorable!
16th st mall, Denver, CO
Lights and trees are the next beautiful inspiration. When I was little my family used to drive around town and see all the lights on the houses and trees. The decorations are the main thing that brighten up my winter!
Mark and I ugly sweater party!
Spending time with friends and family is truly the best inspiration! All the winning and dinning and laughs and good times! 
Happy beginning of the Holidays! What things inspires you this time of year?

Wish List Wednesday

I know I am late! Sorry! I had class then work then class again yesterday, so it was a long draining day. But no worries, here I am! Since it is only November I guess Christmas is on everyone's mind! I am still morning Halloween! I don't have a Christmas list yet, but here are some things I have been thinking of owning.

The first thing I am wishing for is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 on DVD!!! It comes out tomorrow and I am so excited! It will be $14 at target! I will be there for sure! It is so sad that it is the final Harry Potter movie to come out! It is bitter sweet!

Monster High has become my new obsession! I keep playing on they website and looking into buying the first book. My favorite Monster is Frankie Stien! I actually did ask for this for Christmas..hehehe! She is just so cute!
I am also wishing for a nice cat brooch..there is no picture of this because I haven't found one i want! Anyone seen any cute ones for sale? It would be fun to make one with a picture of my Cow Meow!
What are you wishing for?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I've been wearing

It has been perfect fall weather lately, so I am trying to get as much use of my fall clothes as I can before snow! Here are TWO outfits I wore this week!
It is finally that time of year, time to bring out the Jeggings (for those of you living under a fashion rock jeggings are leggins that look like jeans)! I love my jeggings so oh oh much!This isn't a very good picture, sorry! I am always wearing my suede teal boots, a light pink t-shirt, and my over sized sweater! My accesesories are a scarf I got in China, my bridesmiad brooch, and a necklace made of a charm from my great-grandma's necklace.
Boots- Urban Outfitters
Jeggings- Target
T-shirt- Target (Love Target)
Sweater- Ragstock
Scarf- China
Here is a second outfit! I combined by new favorite shirt with one of my favorite fall time skirts. Also excuse the mess in the background! It is Pilot's room, and well lets face it toddlers are messy babies!
Skirt- Forever21
Tights- Target
Sunglasses- Ragstock
Jean Top- Target/my gma!
I have wanted this cut out shoulder jean top ever since I saw it on Pretty Little Liars! It was sold out or super expensive online so I was so bummed! My grandma does a lot of sawing for a past time so I just asked if she could do it. She did a great job!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun CleaningTips!

Today I spent a large amount of time catching up on some cleaning, organizing, and enjoying comfy home time. I did a whole bunch of laundry and put my pile of clean clothes away. I dusted my room and made sure everything was in its place. I even made my bed! I didn't get a chance to vacuum yet, but it is definitely on the list! Here are some pictures of my nicely cleaned and put together room.

Here are a few helpful tips to make cleaning enjoyable!
*Play your favorite music and dance a little *Set up a goal system, every time you get so much cleaned give yourself a little treat *rearrange and redecorate to switch things up *clean out closet and drawers to get rid of the clutter *Have a friend help you get rid of things she never sees you wear *Have the T.V. on and finish cleaning within the time your show is playing *Have a snack while cleaning *Watch Conan! *Enjoy finding things you thought you lost or forgot you had *Make it a work out, for everything you put away do that amount of push ups or crunches *Put away your summer clothes and put together your winter wardrobe *Always remember how nice it will be when its all clean!!
 The rest of my night is going to be enjoying some Winter Coffee(homemade by my mom!) and reading my Nook! Maybe watching some Friends and Conan! Who can resist those two shows??!!! This is my little treat to myself after all my cleaning!
What are your cleaning treats?