Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun CleaningTips!

Today I spent a large amount of time catching up on some cleaning, organizing, and enjoying comfy home time. I did a whole bunch of laundry and put my pile of clean clothes away. I dusted my room and made sure everything was in its place. I even made my bed! I didn't get a chance to vacuum yet, but it is definitely on the list! Here are some pictures of my nicely cleaned and put together room.

Here are a few helpful tips to make cleaning enjoyable!
*Play your favorite music and dance a little *Set up a goal system, every time you get so much cleaned give yourself a little treat *rearrange and redecorate to switch things up *clean out closet and drawers to get rid of the clutter *Have a friend help you get rid of things she never sees you wear *Have the T.V. on and finish cleaning within the time your show is playing *Have a snack while cleaning *Watch Conan! *Enjoy finding things you thought you lost or forgot you had *Make it a work out, for everything you put away do that amount of push ups or crunches *Put away your summer clothes and put together your winter wardrobe *Always remember how nice it will be when its all clean!!
 The rest of my night is going to be enjoying some Winter Coffee(homemade by my mom!) and reading my Nook! Maybe watching some Friends and Conan! Who can resist those two shows??!!! This is my little treat to myself after all my cleaning!
What are your cleaning treats?

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