Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I've been wearing

It has been perfect fall weather lately, so I am trying to get as much use of my fall clothes as I can before snow! Here are TWO outfits I wore this week!
It is finally that time of year, time to bring out the Jeggings (for those of you living under a fashion rock jeggings are leggins that look like jeans)! I love my jeggings so oh oh much!This isn't a very good picture, sorry! I am always wearing my suede teal boots, a light pink t-shirt, and my over sized sweater! My accesesories are a scarf I got in China, my bridesmiad brooch, and a necklace made of a charm from my great-grandma's necklace.
Boots- Urban Outfitters
Jeggings- Target
T-shirt- Target (Love Target)
Sweater- Ragstock
Scarf- China
Here is a second outfit! I combined by new favorite shirt with one of my favorite fall time skirts. Also excuse the mess in the background! It is Pilot's room, and well lets face it toddlers are messy babies!
Skirt- Forever21
Tights- Target
Sunglasses- Ragstock
Jean Top- Target/my gma!
I have wanted this cut out shoulder jean top ever since I saw it on Pretty Little Liars! It was sold out or super expensive online so I was so bummed! My grandma does a lot of sawing for a past time so I just asked if she could do it. She did a great job!

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