Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Things to do before Winter

Winter comes every year, but you never know when the frost and snow will come. I like to enjoy all the sunshine and warmer weather I can, because I know what is to come. Here is a list of things to do before it is too cold!

*Clean out your car*Switch out summer clothes for sweaters*Stock up on comfy pjs*Buy new lounging slippers*Check to make sure your tights and leggings are hole-less*Dig out the space heater*Add a winter smelling freshener in your car*Look up cookie and treat recipes*Make lists for your Christmas shopping*Bring out thick warm blankets
 *Get a tanning membership(to always get a little sun during the dark months)*Clean out your bedroom drawers*Get lots of soup*Find new ways to spice up your hot chocolates(add a candy cane or caramel)*Update your movie collection*Update your book collection*See when the winter premire of your favorite t.v. show starts(to have something to look forward to)*Go on a bike ride*Take a walk through a park*Bring all your plants inside
*Make a big batch of chicken dumpling soup*Swap out all your candles and soaps for winter smells*Check to see if all your Christmas lights still work*Get all your yard work done*Leave some windows open(to let the last bit of warmer fresh air in)*Buy your short haired pets a new sweater(or better yet, make one!)*Stock up on craft materials*Go out to eat a few times before you never want to leave the house*Go on a weekend road trip*Plan a mid-winter vacation!
 As much as I love Christmas and pretty snow I hate the cold! I am going to enjoy the rest of my autumn to the fullest! What are some things you want to get done before the snow falls?

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