Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Inspirations

Well it seems it is that time of year again! The time where we skip all of November and think of winter and Christmas! How can you not think of those two things? They are everywhere, T.V., commercials, in stores, and online! I, myself, have been swept up in the holiday magic. This time of year is full of things that inspire me. Here are just a few.
First Snow Beijing, China 2011
 My first winter inspiration is snow, of course! As much as I hate the cold snow seems to make it more cozy and pretty. I really like when everything gets frosted over and the fresh snow sparkles.
Speaking of Sparkles! The glittering snow makes me want to get all sparkly too! Winter time is the perfect time add some shimmer and shine to you make-up and clothes. This is a nice way to brighten up the long cold dark months.
My next inspiration of tis the season is the smells and tastes! Funny enough they each inspire me to want the other! When I smell yummy peppermint, vanilla, or gingerbread all it makes me want is to eat those things! Baking is one of the best things to do during the winter. Having the oven on warms up the house and the smells are comforting. Cookies are also a great gift for loved ones. I can't wait to start baking classic Christmas treats!
Candy canes are one of my favorite parts of Christmas!! I love to look at them and eat them! They are even kind of cure. Am I right? They inspire both taste and smell of the holidays. They also can inspire fashion! A nice white sweater dress with a red cardigan, so adorable!
16th st mall, Denver, CO
Lights and trees are the next beautiful inspiration. When I was little my family used to drive around town and see all the lights on the houses and trees. The decorations are the main thing that brighten up my winter!
Mark and I ugly sweater party!
Spending time with friends and family is truly the best inspiration! All the winning and dinning and laughs and good times! 
Happy beginning of the Holidays! What things inspires you this time of year?


  1. cute adri! i think one of my favorite parts about the holidays is egg or cold! :)

  2. @Allison I just had an egg nog latte from B@N. Sooooo tasty!

  3. 16th street mall! we should go there when you get here! they just opened up a BRAND new H&M. it's calling our names...