Friday, November 11, 2011

T.V. in review

I am a bit of a T.V. junkie. I like to watch bad reality t.v. shows. I have decided to try and do a review on the weeks episodes every now and then. This week I tuned in to The Bad Girls Club reunion show part 1, Real World San Diego, and Top Model. This is what I thought of the episodes:
I won't lie..there is rarely ever an episode of  BGC that I don't like. Season 7 reunion was a pleaser. Obviously there could always be some more feisty girl fighting, but there was a small brawl between Shelly and Stasi. Perez Hilton was wonderfully sassy as always. Like most reunion shows, you never get all the info you want. There is still part 2 on Monday and I am pretty jacked to watch a few more throw downs.
This weeks Top Model was actually pretty boring and kind of predictable.The girls all went to Greece and the photo shoot was not that great. They had to pose swimsuit style underwear in a giant greek salad. Shannon refused to pose in underwear again, even though it looked like a swimsuit. Lisa is driving me crazy! I really hope she doesn't win, that will make me so sad! I am rooting for Laura and Allison!!! Allison got second best photo this week, she has seem to be in the top for a while now. The preview for next week looks juicy and exciting, so hopefully it will be better than this week!!
Well one word will pretty much sum up this weeks Real World..Sex. Zach and Ashley still aren't doin' it and it doesn't seem like it will happen during the show. Zach says he is a good ol' fashion cowboy. It is nice to know there are respectable men out there but come on!!!! She so clearly wants some sort of physical relationship with him. Priscilla brought some ex-bf to the house and they fooled around..who is this kid? Nothing to major happened. Next week the cast works Warped Tour and Alexandra is going to original Real World.

So that is what I have been watching this week. Did you see these episodes? What did you think?

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