Monday, February 27, 2012

Its that Midterm Time of Year

It is midterm time for this spring semester, so here is a post for all you stressed out college students out there. I have just a few tips to help you survive this week until spring break.
The first thing to do to help you pull through this time is to just relax! It is that simple. How can you relax? Easy! You could....
*Take deep relaxing breaths before studying*Drink low caffeine beverages*Go for a run*Clean the room you will relax and study in*Eat healthier this week*Take breaks during studying to give your brain a rest*Wear comfortable clothes*Listen to soothing sounds*Do a word find*Get sleep! No all nighters
Take a cat nap!
Another thing to do is make you time. If you find time to get away from all the work and stress you will feel more encouraged to commit to the homework and studying. Some things to do for yourself are...
*Take a bubble bath (this will also relax you!)*Go on a little shopping spree*Meet with a friend*Watch your favorite T.V. show*Read a book*take a yoga class*Plan your spring break*Do a craft*Schedule all your upcoming events or things to do*Go to a movie*Do a blog post*Update your music*Find a new hair style for spring*Play with your pet*Go out to lunch
New favorite place for lunch!
I hope at least a few of these ideas keep you calm cool and collective through Midterm week. Just don't forget to study! Don't worry Spring break is so close!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I have been fashion crazy lately. One of my biggest fashion inspirations is Pretty Little Liars. If Spencer's and Aria's fashions were mixed it would be my dream closet. Sadly most the clothes they wear in the show are from expensive brands or designers. A girl can fashion dream though can't she? Here are a few looks I wish were hanging in my closet...


Recognize my shirt! I had my Gma make me one just like the one Spencer wore! It is so cute! I like how put together Spencer's style is, very structured. That sweater with the dear on it looks so comfy cute.


Aria has a edgier punk look to her wardrobe. Sometimes her outfits are just a smidge too out there for me, but these one's are fabulous. That floral rain coat is absolutely to die for. Between her glitter sweater, studded dress, and cut out jeans this fashionista knows how to rock a good look. Everything she wears is a statement piece.
These are all little bits of fashion that have inspired me and I wish for! Whats inspiring you for this spring?
Find all these looks and their brands here!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playing Paper Doll

I have been playing around with online shopping lately. I keep thinking of different fashion inspirations and then searching for items online to create the perfect outfit. It is like playing a modern day paper doll! Three of my big inspirations this week were The Walking Dead, Strawberry Cheese Cake Frozen Yogurt, and Tea Time Tea Party.

Walking Dead-
Skinny Jeans
Motorcycle Boots
Hobo Bag
Leather Jacket
All these items would be great during a Zombie Apocalypse..and as a fashion statement! The look is dark and feisty. Adding a colored T-shirt will help give the outfit a pop of color. Since it is the end of the world adding lots of accessories wouldn't be practical. A simple scarf is just enough to add on, plus you can cover your neck from Zombie attacks! Ahhhh!!! Fashion Braaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnss!!!

Frozen Yogurt- 
Colored Jeans
Fun print Cardigan 
Bow Ring
Strawberry Necklace
Nail Polish
We recently got a new frozen yogurt place in town and it is so yummy! I always get the strawberry cheesecake twist. The two colors and flavors together really inspired me on a cute spring outfit. Light colored jeans are going to be a huge trend this spring. A plane white t-shirt goes well since the jeans are colored and so is the cardigan. The colored polk-a-dot cardigan is so cute and even reminds me of frozen yogurt. Nice flats and some cute little accessories add a flirty feel. 

Tea time-
 Lace Dress
Big Hat
Floral Purse
Colored Waist Belt
Wedge Shoe
Pink Earrings
Peach Nail Polish
 Even though I have never been to a real tea party I think the idea and theme is so feminine and sweet.You wear a simple dress and then add tons of accessories. If you have a neutral colored dress you can get extra girl-y everywhere else. Pops of light colors help you stand out. And what is a tea party without a big hat, right? 
Playing paper doll can be so fun, but sometimes it just makes me want to spend all my money! I am getting very excited for spring and all these outfits would be perfect for the season. Happy shopping everyone!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day!

February 14th..Valentine's day, it come every year. This year's holiday was a pretty simple one where I just enjoyed the small things. I woke up this morning to find my grandparents had left me a little Valentine's day surprise! 

A deliciously sweet Valentine! I had left them one of the cards I made for them to find in the morning, and then when I woke up they had left me this. Morning surprises are the best kind. I was in a happy loving mood all day after that. After finding my gift I put on my Valentine's day outfit!

Dress- Hot topic
Cardigan- H&M
Tights- Target
Boots- Urban Outfitters
I am so pleased with my day of love outfit creation! I love the two colors of pinks mixed. My tights are opaque while my dress is more of a light pale pink. The darker shade and the lighter shade were so pretty together.  The look is very romantic, but with a slight edge thanks to the boots and cardigan. I am also wearing the shade "light pink" nail polish from forever 21, my earrings I ordered off ebay (the ones I lost at the wedding! they were featured in a wish list wed), and a necklace that is a tiny heart with the words "love never fails" on it. All the pieces together made the best Valentine's day outfit.
Once I was all dressed I headed into town to get lunch with Mark. We decided to have our lunch date at Mazetlan, a delicious Mexican restaurant.
Even my drink was pink and festive!

Mark is sooooo full!!!
The rest of my day was spent at class or a quick rest at home. I did drop off some of my Valentine's day cards I made for friends and family. To keep me in the spirit of love I kept my eye out for the little things that reminded me of the day. This isn't one of my favorite holidays, but I do love the colors, hearts, and all the cute decorations. Here are a few things I came across today...

Lots of Window stickies

So cute at Target!!
All and all I had a pretty good Valentine's day! I got to share my love with those I care about, and feeling love and kindness back from them. That is what this day is all about! How was your Valentine's day? What is your favorite part of the holiday?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gaga for Gaga

I have been thinking a lot about inspirations. Inspirations on my fashion, my decor, and things that just make me feel something. As I have been listening to the radio and some CDs I have been struck with the Gaga fever. I rediscovered my love for her words. There are just certain parts in her songs that inspire me. Here are just a few..
Speechless "You popped my heart seems, all my bubble dreams. Bubble dreams!"

Love Game "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"
Poker face "Bluffin' with my Muffin"
I Like It Rough "Loving me is like chewing on pearls"
Money Honey "And I'd enjoy some fine champagne while my girls toast"
I love the color champagne!!!!
Brown Eyes "It's no surprise I got lost in your brown eyes"
My eyes

Mine too!
There are so many more inspirations Lady Gaga gives me. Almost all her songs give me some sort of emotion. Inspirations are truly amazing. That moment when something just sparks inside you. Music is a great inspiration. What artists have been inspiring you lately?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Anti-Bullying Rant!

I am sorry, but I truly need to just vent about an issue I find to be severally under-looked. My younger cousins have been having some issues at their small school with bullying. Parents have talked to the principle and even the superintendent, but nothing has been done. The bullies just get in school suspension and STILL get to participate in their sporting activities!!! If they get away with bad behavior what stops them from continuing that behavior? Are schools sports teams really more important than their students feeling safe at school? It just truly hurts me when authority doesn't do what its responsibilities are. Parents and friends need to stand up and take action. After all actions speak louder than words. So there is my thought on the issue. Ooooofffffttttttaaaa! I hope I didn't bring anyone down but to help someone stand up to what is wrong.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I haven't done a wish list Wednesday in a while..this week will be my Valentine Edition. First here is my wish list Valentine's day outfit!
Urban Outfitters- $105

Urban Outfitters- $14

Forever 21- $24.80

Mine! From Urban Outfitters
This outfit would be so cute yet sexy at the same time! Perfect for a romantic dinner date! Add a locket for any jewelry your man got you for the perfect accessories.
My next wish list is for my Valentine's day gift. I want to keep it very simple this year.
Some Flowers

Wine and a nice cooked meal
Like I said, I don't want anything fancy or special this year. I would even be fine with no gift and just time and dinner with Mark. After all Valentine's day is about love not gifts and cards.
What's your wish list for Valentine's day?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards Craft

I had seen some homemade Valentine's Day cards on another blog and I was so inspired by them, I decided to make my own! Here is what you will need...
Plain Colored Cards

A scissors and Fabric/Paper Glue

Your choice of Patterned Fabric
The next few steps are so simple. I bought already folded 5'' by 7'' cards and cut them in half. Then I cut a bunch of hearts out of my 3 fabrics, like this..
Once you have all the hearts you want (cut a few extra so you can pick your favorite hearts) you just glue them to the card! I also bought some letter stamps to print "To" and "From" on the cards. Here is the final product...

Up Close
The cards flip open so you can write your own little message to your lucky Valentine. I really like making my own Valentine's Day Cards, it really means more to those you love. Also it is so fun to put your energy into a craft. I plan on sending some of mine to my friends who are away at college, my old foster siblings, and my family! What kind of Valentine's Day cards are you doing this year?