Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day!

February 14th..Valentine's day, it come every year. This year's holiday was a pretty simple one where I just enjoyed the small things. I woke up this morning to find my grandparents had left me a little Valentine's day surprise! 

A deliciously sweet Valentine! I had left them one of the cards I made for them to find in the morning, and then when I woke up they had left me this. Morning surprises are the best kind. I was in a happy loving mood all day after that. After finding my gift I put on my Valentine's day outfit!

Dress- Hot topic
Cardigan- H&M
Tights- Target
Boots- Urban Outfitters
I am so pleased with my day of love outfit creation! I love the two colors of pinks mixed. My tights are opaque while my dress is more of a light pale pink. The darker shade and the lighter shade were so pretty together.  The look is very romantic, but with a slight edge thanks to the boots and cardigan. I am also wearing the shade "light pink" nail polish from forever 21, my earrings I ordered off ebay (the ones I lost at the wedding! they were featured in a wish list wed), and a necklace that is a tiny heart with the words "love never fails" on it. All the pieces together made the best Valentine's day outfit.
Once I was all dressed I headed into town to get lunch with Mark. We decided to have our lunch date at Mazetlan, a delicious Mexican restaurant.
Even my drink was pink and festive!

Mark is sooooo full!!!
The rest of my day was spent at class or a quick rest at home. I did drop off some of my Valentine's day cards I made for friends and family. To keep me in the spirit of love I kept my eye out for the little things that reminded me of the day. This isn't one of my favorite holidays, but I do love the colors, hearts, and all the cute decorations. Here are a few things I came across today...

Lots of Window stickies

So cute at Target!!
All and all I had a pretty good Valentine's day! I got to share my love with those I care about, and feeling love and kindness back from them. That is what this day is all about! How was your Valentine's day? What is your favorite part of the holiday?

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