Monday, February 27, 2012

Its that Midterm Time of Year

It is midterm time for this spring semester, so here is a post for all you stressed out college students out there. I have just a few tips to help you survive this week until spring break.
The first thing to do to help you pull through this time is to just relax! It is that simple. How can you relax? Easy! You could....
*Take deep relaxing breaths before studying*Drink low caffeine beverages*Go for a run*Clean the room you will relax and study in*Eat healthier this week*Take breaks during studying to give your brain a rest*Wear comfortable clothes*Listen to soothing sounds*Do a word find*Get sleep! No all nighters
Take a cat nap!
Another thing to do is make you time. If you find time to get away from all the work and stress you will feel more encouraged to commit to the homework and studying. Some things to do for yourself are...
*Take a bubble bath (this will also relax you!)*Go on a little shopping spree*Meet with a friend*Watch your favorite T.V. show*Read a book*take a yoga class*Plan your spring break*Do a craft*Schedule all your upcoming events or things to do*Go to a movie*Do a blog post*Update your music*Find a new hair style for spring*Play with your pet*Go out to lunch
New favorite place for lunch!
I hope at least a few of these ideas keep you calm cool and collective through Midterm week. Just don't forget to study! Don't worry Spring break is so close!

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