Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards Craft

I had seen some homemade Valentine's Day cards on another blog and I was so inspired by them, I decided to make my own! Here is what you will need...
Plain Colored Cards

A scissors and Fabric/Paper Glue

Your choice of Patterned Fabric
The next few steps are so simple. I bought already folded 5'' by 7'' cards and cut them in half. Then I cut a bunch of hearts out of my 3 fabrics, like this..
Once you have all the hearts you want (cut a few extra so you can pick your favorite hearts) you just glue them to the card! I also bought some letter stamps to print "To" and "From" on the cards. Here is the final product...

Up Close
The cards flip open so you can write your own little message to your lucky Valentine. I really like making my own Valentine's Day Cards, it really means more to those you love. Also it is so fun to put your energy into a craft. I plan on sending some of mine to my friends who are away at college, my old foster siblings, and my family! What kind of Valentine's Day cards are you doing this year?

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