Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I haven't done a wish list Wednesday in a while..this week will be my Valentine Edition. First here is my wish list Valentine's day outfit!
Urban Outfitters- $105

Urban Outfitters- $14

Forever 21- $24.80

Mine! From Urban Outfitters
This outfit would be so cute yet sexy at the same time! Perfect for a romantic dinner date! Add a locket for any jewelry your man got you for the perfect accessories.
My next wish list is for my Valentine's day gift. I want to keep it very simple this year.
Some Flowers

Wine and a nice cooked meal
Like I said, I don't want anything fancy or special this year. I would even be fine with no gift and just time and dinner with Mark. After all Valentine's day is about love not gifts and cards.
What's your wish list for Valentine's day?

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