Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playing Paper Doll

I have been playing around with online shopping lately. I keep thinking of different fashion inspirations and then searching for items online to create the perfect outfit. It is like playing a modern day paper doll! Three of my big inspirations this week were The Walking Dead, Strawberry Cheese Cake Frozen Yogurt, and Tea Time Tea Party.

Walking Dead-
Skinny Jeans
Motorcycle Boots
Hobo Bag
Leather Jacket
All these items would be great during a Zombie Apocalypse..and as a fashion statement! The look is dark and feisty. Adding a colored T-shirt will help give the outfit a pop of color. Since it is the end of the world adding lots of accessories wouldn't be practical. A simple scarf is just enough to add on, plus you can cover your neck from Zombie attacks! Ahhhh!!! Fashion Braaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnss!!!

Frozen Yogurt- 
Colored Jeans
Fun print Cardigan 
Bow Ring
Strawberry Necklace
Nail Polish
We recently got a new frozen yogurt place in town and it is so yummy! I always get the strawberry cheesecake twist. The two colors and flavors together really inspired me on a cute spring outfit. Light colored jeans are going to be a huge trend this spring. A plane white t-shirt goes well since the jeans are colored and so is the cardigan. The colored polk-a-dot cardigan is so cute and even reminds me of frozen yogurt. Nice flats and some cute little accessories add a flirty feel. 

Tea time-
 Lace Dress
Big Hat
Floral Purse
Colored Waist Belt
Wedge Shoe
Pink Earrings
Peach Nail Polish
 Even though I have never been to a real tea party I think the idea and theme is so feminine and sweet.You wear a simple dress and then add tons of accessories. If you have a neutral colored dress you can get extra girl-y everywhere else. Pops of light colors help you stand out. And what is a tea party without a big hat, right? 
Playing paper doll can be so fun, but sometimes it just makes me want to spend all my money! I am getting very excited for spring and all these outfits would be perfect for the season. Happy shopping everyone!

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  1. These are awesome! I especially LOVE the spotted cardigan! So cute!