Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I have been fashion crazy lately. One of my biggest fashion inspirations is Pretty Little Liars. If Spencer's and Aria's fashions were mixed it would be my dream closet. Sadly most the clothes they wear in the show are from expensive brands or designers. A girl can fashion dream though can't she? Here are a few looks I wish were hanging in my closet...


Recognize my shirt! I had my Gma make me one just like the one Spencer wore! It is so cute! I like how put together Spencer's style is, very structured. That sweater with the dear on it looks so comfy cute.


Aria has a edgier punk look to her wardrobe. Sometimes her outfits are just a smidge too out there for me, but these one's are fabulous. That floral rain coat is absolutely to die for. Between her glitter sweater, studded dress, and cut out jeans this fashionista knows how to rock a good look. Everything she wears is a statement piece.
These are all little bits of fashion that have inspired me and I wish for! Whats inspiring you for this spring?
Find all these looks and their brands here!

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