Monday, March 5, 2012

A little of Thrift, a little of That

It has been getting nicer out lately so I thought I would spend some of my free time visiting a few of the antique stores in town. We have two pretty big ones actually in town and a few more in relatively close towns. My aunt and I sometimes make a day of it and go visit them. Even if we don't buy anything it is still so neat to see things we remember from out childhood and neat antiques. Here are a few little things I found!

Salt and Pepper

I can never go to an antique store and not find at least one adorable interesting thing. I am starting to love all the kinds of salt and pepper shakers I have been seeing. They are something I would like to collect once I have more space for them. The jars of buttons also really spark my interest. They would be great for crafts and when they are all in the jar they are a super cute house decoration. Antiques have always had a place in my heart and half the fun is going to search for them!

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