Monday, March 12, 2012

Warm days Photo Dump

I got a fancy Iphone about a week ago! I am now part of the big girl phone club! Anyway I of course got Instagram to give my pictures that extra pop. Spring has also finally come into full bloom! Its been high 50's to 60's the past few days! So beautiful and delightful out! After spending time outdoors and using my great camera I think it is time to do my first Photo Dump!
Coffee Hag Breakfast! YUM!
Visited friends in Northfield!
This weeks Outfit!
This outfit was my favorite that I wore this week! It was perfect for the spring weather! And I felt pretty BA in it! Hehe!
Top- Target (gma did the sleeve cutouts)
Shorts- Forever21
Belt- Forever21
Leggings- Target
Boots- Forever 21
Can you tell where I love to shop! Pretty excited to get out and enjoy this week and all the sunshine to come!

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  1. These photos are awesome! I think I need an iphone :)