Wednesday, March 28, 2012

30 things to do for Spring

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, spring is here! I thought I would share a few ideas of things to do for this season! I give you 30 things to do now that it is spring!
*Go for a bike ride*Start a garden (flower, vegies, or spices)*Read at a park*Eat out on a patio*Buy a new swimsuit*Play hopscotch*Take your dog (or family or friend's) to the dog park*Set up mini Easter baskets for loved ones*Plan a picnic*Buy your new favorite spring fashion trend
My Bike!

*Project a movie outside*Look for cloud shapes*Eat frozen yogurt, custard, or ice cream*Go to the Zoo*Have a bake sale*Learn a new craft*Do volunteer work*Spring cleaning*Pick flowers*Cook a new recipe

*Buy new bright nail polish*Go for a walk*Play Kickball*Start a monthly get together (games, sports, book club, ect) *Enjoy a local coffee shop show*Plan a vacation*Count the stars at night*Walk to all the little local shops or outside shopping areas in your town*Get a new fresh haircut*Redecorate*Reconnect with Friends
Enjoy this lovely spring!

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