Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap up!

Hello!!! I am so sorry it has been so long! Classes just started last week and the store I work at moved locations, so I have been a very busy girl. I have barely had time to sit down at home and just relax. After my stressful week Mark and I decided to spend Saturday watching a movie and football! It was nice to relax. We also ate so much food! We got Mazetlan and then some yummy Erbs and Gerbs sandwiches! Then on Sunday we went on a trip to the Mall of America!
We spent the day just being together and shopping. I didn't find as much clothes I liked as I wish I would have. I got a really great cat shirt (to be featured soon!), a nice fashion blouse, and 2 colors of nail polish! Then for a little extra fun we went to what used to be called underwater world! Mark loves going to places like the zoo and aquariums.
Here are some things we saw!
 I was so inspired by the beautiful blue of the water and the colors of the octopus! Even Trident's head inspired me for some reason! It was very cool! Pretty expensive though for a small exhibit. After sea life we went to a restaurant at the mall for dinner and watched the Packers vs the Giants (err I think) game. I had a super yummy pasta! It was a spicy chicken pasta.
  It was a wonderful day but it wore me out. Mark and I both had monday off so we made it our lazy night. We watched True Grit, and it was so amazing!!! I highly recommend it! After watching that we finally started Breaking Bad! We are about 7 episodes in and can hardly stop! I am glad we finally got into it. It was truly a weekend of bliss. 
What did you do over the weekend? What is your favorite thing to see at the aquarium?

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