Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chiffon, I'm in love!

Fashion is something I love to progress in. I like to change my look and buy statement pieces. The past few years I have been getting into the urban, lace, vintage, and tough looks. After doing some online shopping and window shopping I discovered my new clothing obsession, chiffon! The sheer fabric allows you to layer and mix and match darker fall colors. It is so light it can keep you cool all year round, but also light enough to be covered for warmth. A chiffon skirt looks adorable with a big sweater. Here are some looks I have been shopping for.
Pretty little liars is a big fashion inspiration to me! Aria always has to cutest edgy looks. I have the body suit she is wearing under her chiffon top and skirt. I like the maroon color a lot as well. All these pieces are from American Apparel...but they cost a fortune. So I'll stick to surfing online for them.
This is actually a picture from my work! This top is so gorgeous, and looks so fashionable with the waist belt! There is a brown sweater under it. It is definitely on my wish list.
 Along with chiffon being a new trend I am getting into, I am also getting into the secretary style shirt (the picture after the cat chiffon). I do have a pink secretary style chiffon shirt that was featured on my weekly outfit.
I am wearing my body suit from the pretty little liars outfit. So chiffon, I am in love with you! I think it will be a big trend for this spring and next fall. Are you chiffon crazy like me right now?


  1. I haven't bought anything chiffon just yet, but I think I will. I bet you are right about it being a trend for spring!

    1. I think it will be a good investment! I like the more earthy tone colors of chiffon! Feel free to share any items you find.