Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mind and Body Photo Dump

Since the academic school year has finally ended, I have been putting my focus on new goals. I want to take this summer to embrace the weather and things around me. I also want to focus on myself and my body. I am starting to do a variety of different workouts. I try to run, do yoga, hike, or ride my bike everyday to every other day. I forget what a great peace of mind exercising brings. So far I have enjoyed the view of my country home and some pretty spots around town! Enjoy the images of my peaceful few days.

 I will only accept cloudy days if the clouds are this stunning!
Hike in the backyard
Spoooookkyy Jurassic Park woods
 Bricks and Greens
 Biking over a bridge.
 Porch Yoga..can't wait till its nice enough to yoga outside
 I love my Bike! No gears though..
My favorite statue this year

Hope you are all finding your own peaceful summer center!!

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