Friday, March 8, 2013

Add a little spring to your home

Spring is right around the corner, and for some lucky ones it is already in bloom. Spring is a great time to rearrange the house and bring a new fresh feel to your space. I did some window shopping on urban outfitters (just my daily boredom routine) and found some stand out spring pieces.

-I am a sucker for almost anything teal or baby blue. So when I saw this adorable blue side table I fell in love. Baby blue is a nice bright color to add some pop to a space. It also has a nice vintage look.
-Rugs are an easy and sometimes cheap way to bring a new vibe inside. Like I said, sucker for light blues, but the floral rug has tons of bright spring colors.
-A space box shelf is perfect for all your little nic-nacs. These shelves are making a big decorative come back. To make them personal to your home paint the shelves or add a little wall paper around the sides.
-Hardware is another easy way to add a touch of unique and personal decor. Door knobs and curtain holders are simple to install too. I like the brass floral look of this curtain holder.
-Picture frames are my favorite decor item! Sometimes I have more frames than pictures to put in them. Again, I am clearly really into this baby blue accent color. Having the frames chained together is nice for those of us who don't have the eye for multiple frame art eye.
-Cat art, everyone needs some nice cat art.
-Little bottles or vases are also become a big decor trend. This seat is nice because it has multiple colors and sizes. It could be used for flowers, storing pens, or just a simple decoration. No matter what I think they are very cute.
- I am not real sure how the dear head has anything to do with spring, but I want it! It at least would make a fabulous conversation piece.

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