Tuesday, February 11, 2014

London Trip

I have finally gotten all my pictures of London together to share! I only got to see so much in two days, so I am going back to see so much more! The subway was having strikes so travel was a bit stressful and chaotic. Not to mention I tend to get motion sickness from too many buses and trains. I still got to see so many amazing things! It is a beautiful city!

 Big Ben
London Eye
Downtown Abbey/Parliament Square
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace Statues
Natural History Museum 
 Warrs Harley-Davidson Shop, British Library, Hostel, Camden Market, Camden Worlds End

I was so in love with Big Ben, I took so many pictures! The Natural History Museum was THE coolest museum I have ever been to! It was huge with really amazing displays. They had animatronic dinosaurs!!! They also had a really great birth and sex exhibit. The building itself was gorgeous too. I sadly did not get to ride the London Eye but it is on the list for when I go back. The second day I was there is was freezing and down pooring so I didn't get to explore much. Next time I go I am staying for many more than 2 days. The city has so much to offer!

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