Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer 2012 Theme

Each summer I try and give a little theme just for fun. My aunt and I always used to do it when I was little. The funny thing is we always had the same theme. Honky Tonk summer! She had a convertible and we would blast our honky tonk music and shoot squirt guns into the air. The past few summers have kind of been forgotten about. I graduated high school and started working to save for my China trip and the next year I was just caught up in life. Summer 2012 is going to be another Honky Tonk summer! I really want to embrace it and embrace myself and good times! So what does a Honky Tonk summer consist of? Well let me show ya'll!

 Short short shorty shorts! A big part of honky tonk fashion is of course some hot summer shorts. Both these pairs are from etsy and both are high waist shorts. I want to find a good pair at a thrift store and pick out some fabric and make my own pair like these.

You can't be honky tonk without cowboy boots!! These are both my own pair! Both thrifted from Ragstock. At first I thought this American flag trend was a little silly..but I am convinced now. I like it when it has a edgy punk twist to it.

To help get you in the mood here are my tunes I tap my boots too...

 southern culture on the skids- Cheap Motel
Hank Williams III - Dick in Dixie
Johnny Cash- Mean Eyed Cat

Yeeehhhhaaaawww!!! Have a great honky tonk summer!

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