Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Start to Summer Photo Dump

This summer is going to be all about life improvements and doing things about me for me. After taking my health class I have decided if anything will change or improve my life in the long run it needs to start now. Granted I have slip ups and eating quick is sometimes best, I still try my best. And hey, sometimes you just need a bowl of Spaghetti O's! I have been eating salads and fruit and drinking protein drinks. I try and lay out in the sun to get my tan on whenever I can. I love soaking up the sun it puts me in the best mood! I know it isn't always the best, but I do drench myself in sunscreen! My summer fashion is another area of focus for improvement. I want to treat myself. I am realizing that I deserve good things and as long as I can afford it and will use it, its good for me. So here are some photos of how my fresh summer has been going...

1. My new penny loafers
2. Penara salad and caribou mint tea
3. More salad, strawberries, and water
4. Soaking up the sun
5. Some rootbeer by the pool
6. Wearing my new boots..made me feel all summer-y and ready for a hoedown

What are your summer changes you want to make?

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