Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday,Art Fair, plus some!

Well my summer still hasn't slowed down any! However, I am not complaining. I have been keeping busy with tons of fun things happening. Since I will be out in Colorado for my birthday on the 9th I had an early celebration with my fam. We had yummy grilled food, enjoyed the nice weather, and all caught up. I found my cake at Dairy Queen!! I was so happy, it even already had happy birthday written on it. My family friend Layla took me to get a mani pedi and my bestie Amy got me a sugar skull. Too cute!
Hello Cake Kitty!

Later that week was the annual Art Fair. It is a little festival with art booths, bands, and performances out in the street where the Coffee Hag is. My aunt and the lovely MaDonna (memadonna) danced there. It was a lovely day out. I got to take my bike out to enjoy the festivities.
1. My chalk boat
2. My new sandals from Heartbreaker
3. Me and MaDonna!!
4. Rakstar fusion belly dancers. My aunt's cute pregger tummy!
5. Candles hanging in a tree. So cute and magical

I have been keeping busy at home but I am beyond excited to go to Colorado tomorrow!!! I might be MIA while I am there but I will have tons to share when I get back! Here is a nice rainbow to remind you to enjoy the little things this summer..


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