Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthday in Review

I love my birthday! I tend to make it last as long as possible! It always a happy time to celebrate life. This year I was in Colorado with my mom for my wonderful 20th birthday! We spent the day reminiscing about my birth and all the year inbetween. For my birthday we went to a nice beach during the day and then went to eat at Casa Bonita! It was such a lovely time at the beach, perfectly sunny and warm. It was my baby foster brother's first time at a beach and he seemed to enjoy the sand in his toes. To me it doesn't get much better than sitting out and soaking in the fabulous weather.
 Casa Bonita was a really neat mexican restaurant! It was HUGE!! There is two acardes, cliff divers, magic shows, a spooky cave to climb through,  mariachi band, and so much more! The food itself isn't that great, but oh my the sopapillas are the most delicious dessert of all time!! Nom nom nom!! All in all it was a pretty nice birthday.

Since we were so full from going out that night for my birthday we waited to have cake until the next day. See a never ending birthday!! My mom got me some fun beauty stuff and another DQ cake. It was really nice to get to celebrate my birthday with my mom, step dad, and foster brother since I don't get to see them much. So far being 20 doesn't feel too different, but I am planning on making it an amazing year!
Happy Birthday to me!!!! I am still in CO and will have even more fun to share soon!! 

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  1. Happy Birthday! That cake is too cute! I love DQ cakes.