Monday, June 25, 2012

Colorado review and photo dump

My two week vacation to Colorado was absolutely delightful! I got to spend lots of time with family and my friend Devin (who you can find here!) It was really nice to be able to bond with my baby foster brother. I spent time hitting up shopping hot spots, eating yummy home-cooked and restaurant meals, watching tons of junk t.v., and just enjoyed life. Two weeks went by so fast! I shall share my trip through my own images of where I had gone and what I did.

1. Me and my mom at the beach
2. Our puppy Bleu
3. Banana Cupcake
4. Gigi's cupcakes
5. Ice cream truck
6. Prairie dog
7. Rocket Fizz
8. Snookie soda
9. Piano on 16th street
10. Denver Hard Rock Cafe
11. Tasty Salad
12. Dinner out
13. Bear!!
14.&15. Clock tower on 16th street
16.&17. Pretty buildings off 16th street
18. 16th street at night
19. Pearl street
20. On the road
21. Denver

I have tons of pictures of my foster brother too, but I can't share them until we get to adopt him. I had so much fun and got to think things out clearly. A part of me really grew while being away. I wish everyone's whole summers were free time to explore and learn. Now I am home and its back to the grind. I have been doing some changes in my wardrobe, bedroom, cooking, and crafts. There is still so much summer left. I miss Colorado everyday! Can't wait to go back!