Monday, July 2, 2012

My Colorado Fashions

I shared how my trip went and know I thought I would share some of my outfits from it! I also purchased some good numbers while I was out there that will probably make an appearance in the future.
Top: Delia*s
Shorts: Forever21
This is my relaxed summer look. I am really into the cropped flow-y shirt trend. It is so breezy and comfortable, perfect for those hot days out and about or just hanging around.

 Top: Heartbreaker
Bandeau: Hot Topic
Shorts: Forever21
I wore this outfit shopping on Pearl Street in Boulder. It was my take on easy fashion. It is three pretty simple pieces. I am also majorly in love with my high waisted shorts! They can be dressed up or kept casual. I would say this is a more casual look. I was wearing some sandals which also helped keep the look casual.

 Overalls, yes overalls: Forever21
Swimsuit: Victoria's secret
I had once said if there was one thing I never wanted to come back into fashion and I would never purchase it is overalls. Clearly I learned the little lesson of never say never. I couldn't resist the leopard print overall shorts. Sadly, I have not found a good way to wear these besides over my suit for a beach day. Any and all ideas are welcome! I am thinking with a bandeau.

Top: Hot Topic
Shorts: Forever21
My birthday outfit! Summer fashions have been good to me this year. I am all about this outfit! I love that is sexy, vintage, and still easy look to put together. I feel this outfit can also be fancied up or kept cool depending on the accessories and shoes. That's what makes a great day to night look!

Top: Thrift store
Shorts: Forever21
And here is a little sneak peak for my 4th of July look!

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