Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beach Day Must Haves

Beach season is right around the corner. Now is the time to start getting all your beach needs together and ready to soak up that sunshine. I have put together a list of those must haves for your day at the beach.

1. Obviously you must have a beach bag! You want something fairly big and roomy. This bag is from Target and is perfect for adding a little style and cuteness to your beach bag.
2. A smaller make-up type bag is also important. You can keep your jewelry, your headphones, or any other little things you don't want to dig to the bottom of your bigger bag for.
3. Water is definitely something you will need when spending all day in the sun. Staying hydrated is healthy and will allow you to keep enjoying your day.
4. Sun screen is a total Duh! Having fun is great but staying safe and healthy is even better. My favorite kind of sun screen is the spray kind. It makes lathering up quicker and easier.
5. Sunglasses are a simple way to add some fashion to your beach day. Also it makes those beach games way easier by blocking those rays.
6. How are you going to go to the beach without a towel? You aren't. I prefer to relax on a towel than a beach mat. There are now beach towels big enough for two! Perfect for fitting your friends and the party.
7. Going somewhere after the beach? Or just worried about your hair after being in the water and sun all day? Pack up some beach hair products, two of these are to help your damaged hair and to style it. Dry shampoo is also great to spray in after your hair is dry. Keep looking cute with that beach head.
8. Keeping your skin clean is also something to keep in mind. Some wet wipes or hydrating wipes are a must to be in your bag.
9. Like I said, going somewhere after the beach make sure you have something easy and fashionable to toss on. A jumper is your shorts and top in one, what is easier than that?
10. I always like to have a pair of cheer shoes with me. Just in case you are going to do more walking or adventure where flip flops just won't cut it.
11. And finally you are going to bee a swimsuit!

Hope this helps with creating your beach bag! Now get out there and enjoy the water!

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