Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Birthday Gift Guide

I don't really expect much of anything this year since I am abroad and am in more need of money that things to come home to. But a girl still dreams. I have made a little list to give out ideas for gifts for me or just things people may want themselves!

*I am getting back on a sneaker fashion boat and obviously I need to kick that trend off with a fresh pair of classic converse. I only have 1 pair of low rise and my other pairs are getting near retirement.
*I get home just in time for summer to be really heating up. I want to spend a lot of time outside this year, having picnics, sitting at the beach, relaxing with coffee at a park. That is why I am asking for a picnic blanket for my birthday. Bath and Body works and other such places have fancy ones that roll up into a bag. Fashionable, comfortable, and convenient. Perfect.
*Staying on the track of summer I want to try Urban Outfitters mermaid sea salt hair spray! It gives your hair a great beachy look and is a must for your hair after a dip in the lake.
*You can't go wrong or disappoint me with a Target gift card..EVER.
*I have lost one of my favorite Tees on my travels. It is a zodiac loose fitted white tee. AKA my Illuminati tee. I loved it and need to replace it asap.
*Since getting my record player this christmas I am working on creating a collection. The new Girls album is out (I already have the first) and I would love some Sleigh Bells albums. Those are just a few titles I am hinting at.
*I have been craving one of these Urban Outfitter macaroon cases for a year. They are perfect for those little things you need to carry with you or just to look adorable on my desk.
*I may be getting an Iphone5 when I get home so a new phone case is an easy little surprise.
*The Camera from Urban Outfitters has been on my wishlist over and over again. I am smitten in love with that Diana Dreamer. Someday..
*Books are great for my birthday. Summer is my best time to focus on reading. I want to read James Franco's Palo Alto and am so excited for Lena Duhnman's book to come out this fall. Get that shit pre-ordered!
*James Franco is also in one of my guilty pleasure movies that needs to get added to my collection. Spring Break Forrrreeeevvvvaaa please!
*Finally I have had my eye on a gorgeous state necklace with turquoise. It is hand made in my home town making it even more precious to me. It will go with everything and give me that home town pride and classic accessory flare.

So there is my 2014 birthday gift guide! I am getting for excited for what TWOTWO has to offer me! Being twenty-one has been one hell of a year!

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